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Trading with the Dragon: China in Africa - Gillian Miller

[In-person] As global resources dwindle, Gill will discuss the ‘how, who, what and where’ of Chinese investment in Africa and the nuances of investment versus exploitation.

Pocketbooks, cairns and carrier pigeons: polar postal systems - Nancy Campbell

[In-person] Nancy Campbell explores textual practice in the north, and considers how contemporary readers salvage and interpret these, often fragmentary, documents.

Sailing between Robinson Crusoe Island and Pitcairn Island - Sam Davis

[In-person] Sam will talk about his life at sea and his unique perspective on global oceanic spaces.


Sons of the waves: The common seaman in the heroic age of sail - Stephen Taylor

[In-person] Stephen is a writer of maritime history, biography and travel. In this talk, he rewrites our maritime history by turning the limelight from the admirals, generals and company men onto the ordinary seafarers.