New Zealand floods

One of the worst flood events to strike New Zealand occurred on 27 January 2023, with prolonged rainfall causing unprecedented flooding

Is Tokyo too big?

In April 2023 families will receive 1m yen per child if they choose to move out of Tokyo

The 2022 Pakistan floods

More than one-third of Pakistan was under water due to unprecedented levels of flooding

La Palma continues to erupt

The volcano on La Palma erupted on 19 September 2021 and continues to erupt

Las Bambas

A look at the Las Bambas copper mine

The Elizabeth Line

The 73-mile railway line will run from Reading in the west to Essex in the east, via central London

The Galápagos Islands and Leonardo DiCaprio

What is the link between the Gal├ípagos Islands and Leonardo DiCaprio? 

Bitcoin and El Salvador

In June 2021, the Congress of El Salvador  formally recognised Bitcoin as legal tender

The Canadian heatwave

June 2021 has seen record temperatures in Canada, particularly in the western state of British Columbia

Shanghai urban geography

Journalists reported on an 85-year old building being moved by structural engineers

Mount Etna erupts

On Tuesday 16 February 2021, Mount Etna erupted

Fukushima 10-years on

In 2011 tragedy struck the eastern coast of Japan as a giant tsunami swept inland destroying a nuclear power plant

Cyclone Nivar

In late November 2020 a cyclone called Nivar hit India, only the third cyclone to make landfall since May 2020

The Sulawesi island earthquake 2021, Indonesia

In January 2021 an earthquake struck the Indonesian island of Sulawesi

US President Joe Biden and the Paris Climate

President Biden has signed an executive order for the US to re-join the Paris climate agreement

A conversation with Francisca Rockey and Louis Smith Lassey from Black Geographers

A community interest company working to tackle the erasure of black people in geography

Australian wildfires

In Australia, the 2019/2020 fire season has seen abnormally high temperatures and vast wildfires

White Island eruption

The White Island volcano erupted on Monday 9 December 30 miles off the coast of New Zealand when 47 tourists were visiting for ‘volcano tourism’

The coronavirus

The coronavirus is a form of the flu which attacks the respiratory system, making the young and the old particularly vulnerable

COVID-19: When the world turned upside down

An in-depth look into the repercussions of the spread of COVID-19

Graffiti art during COVID-19: community representation

Exploring 28 graffiti images (and posters) which have sprung up around London during COVID-19

FT for schools

FT for schools subscriptions are available to students aged 16-19, their teachers and schools around the world