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Professor Kavita Datta, B.A., Botswana; PhD, Cambridge


Professor of Development Geography

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7882 5398
Room Number: Geography Building, Room 217


I am a development geographer, and my recent research has focused upon transnational migration from the global South to the North. This interest has been developed in a series of independent or collaborative projects investigating the changing nature, politics and sensibility of work and transnational migration to global cities like London and exploring  how and why ‘new’ migrants have come to dominate low-paid work here (Global Cities at Work); the everyday financial practices of new migrant communities which are partly shaped by exclusion from the financial fabric of London but also a preference for alternative ways of ‘doing finance’ (Migrants and their Money) and the scale and scope of Muslim migrants’ philanthropic networks in London in a post-recessionary context (Islamic Philanthropy in Post-Recessionary UK). Some of the key debates and findings of these bodies of work have been developed in the following recent publications:

Key Publications

  • Datta, K. (2012) Migrants and their money: Surviving financial exclusion in London. Bristol: Policy Press and Chicago: University of Chicago Press.
  • Datta, K.; McIlwaine, C.J., May, J.; Herbert, J.; Evans, Y. and Wills, J. (2009) Men on the move:  narratives of migration and work among low paid migrant workers in London, Social and Cultural Geography, 10 (8): 853–873.
  • Datta, K. (2009) Risky migrants? Low paid migrant workers coping with financial exclusion in London, European Urban and Regional Studies, 16 (4): 331–344.
  • Datta, K., McIlwaine, C., Evans, Y., Herbert, J., May, J. and Wills, J. (2010) A migrant ethic of care? Negotiating care and caring among migrant workers in London’s low pay economy, Feminist Review, 94 (1): 93–116.
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