Emily Penn at the Royal Geographical Society

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Published on Dec 18, 2013
UPCOMING UK TOUR SPRING/SUMMER 2014! Book tickets here: http://emilypenn.co.uk/speaking/ Sailing the Line with Emily Penn Fresh from an extraordinary voyage across the Pacific Ocean, Emily Penn will share her insights on how remote island communities are adapting to their changing world, the transition to a money-based society, and the opportunities and challenges this brings. Emily sailed to the Line Islands of Kiribati by the only means possible: a sailing cargo ship trading western supplies for coconuts. She set out with the aim of creating a zero waste community, but found that the issue could only be solved by facing up to much bigger questions. Emily relates her experiences to the current course of wider society; how tackling global issues -- such as waste, energy, food and water -- on an island scale, can help us see solutions to problems in our own society. Biography Emily Penn is an oceans advocate, skipper and artist; a graduate of Cambridge University with a degree in Sustainable Architecture; and Director of global organisation Pangaea Explorations. Prior to 'Sailing the Line' she rounded the planet on the biofuelled Earthrace boat; spent 6 months living on a tiny Tongan island organising the largest ever community led clean-up; and discovered previously unknown oceanic gyres -- huge areas of plastic pollution accumulation. Further information at www.emilypenn.co.uk.