Rediscovering London’s Geography

Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)

Using geography to support London teachers and enhance the aspiration and achievement of pupils at KS2, 3 and GCSE

Studying geography can promote an understanding and curiosity about the world and its people and support progression into university and the workplace. This Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) programme is intended to improve the teaching and learning of geography in London’s schools and encourage more pupils to study this academically robust and relevant subject. The project aims to raise teachers' understanding of geographical subject knowledge, addressing their knowledge gaps and the new level of academic demand needed to introduce the new curriculum and examinations. A core ambition of this programme is to boost teachers' confidence in using geographical knowledge (not generic ‘skills’) and their undertaking of London-based fieldwork. Programme resources will support pupils' higher level understanding of geographical core knowledge so that they can better achieve against the new curriculum and examinations. The programme ultimately intends to make geography interesting and highlight its relevance to further study and careers to raise entry levels at GCSE and A Level.

The project's aim

The programme's main goals are to achieve:

  • Greater use of ‘local London’ for geographical fieldwork
  • Improved pupil attainment in geography 
  • A higher uptake of geography at GCSE and A Level (From summer 2016 onwards)

The project's outcome

The programme's desired outcomes include:

  • Improved teacher subject knowledge
  • Improved teacher confidence in teaching geography
  • Pupils have an improved understanding of the relevance of geography
  • Improved teaching for all year groups in KS2, KS3 and GCSE 

The project's activities

The programme's activities include:

  • Identifying ‘subject specialist knowledge gaps’ through focus group discussion and surveys with 15 partners schools
  • Creating 20 subject knowledge resource units for geography teaching (8 primary, 8 secondary, 4 GCSE)
  • Delivering RGS-led and local continuing professional development (CPD) activities to support the geographical subject knowledge for 400 teachers
  • Engaging 18,500 pupils (via 250 Geography Ambassador presentations from undergrads & Going Places with Geog. events) with the relevance of geography to further study and careers 
  • Creating a local CPD network for schools

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