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This information is taken from:

RGS Expedition Handbook
Shane Winser (ed.) Profile Books 2004. 502pp. ISBN I 86197 0447.

Important note: This book was published in 2004 so some of the information may have changed. 


Intended to suggest possible topics for field research projects in a wide variety of different environments.

Beginning with a step-by-step guide to designing a research project and gives specific advice on research in tropical forests and wetlands, arid lands and savannas, in the tundra and periglacial regions of the world.


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5. Projects in arid lands, by Paul Munton and Andrew Warren


210 KB

3. Projects in wetlands, by Edward Maltby


285 KB

6. Projects in tundra and periglacial regions, by John Matthews


184 KB

2. Projects in tropical forest, by Clive Jermy and Ian Douglas


122 KB

4. Projects in savanna regions, by Malcolm Coe and Andrew Goudie


150 KB

1. Choosing a research project and putting it into action, by Dr Rita Gardner


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