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This information is taken from:

RGS Expedition Handbook
Shane Winser (ed.) Profile Books 2004. 502pp. ISBN I 86197 0447.

Important note: This book was published in 2004 so some of the information may have changed. 


There are a greater number of opportunities than ever before for people of all ages and abilities to take part in expeditions and fieldwork, and a new chapter offers approaches to providing an inclusive experience for those with disabilities.

The Society particularly encourages host country participation on overseas projects, suggestions are provided on how this can be achieved.

Practical issues relating to maps, navigation and catering are also addressed.


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1. Planning an expedition, by Nigel Winser


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2. Leadership and teamwork, by Chris Loynes


118 KB

3. Inclusive expedition practice, by Suresh Paul and Karen Darke


283 KB

4. Working with the host country, by Nigel Winser


64 KB

5. Catering for expeditions, by Nigel Gifford


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6. Maps, navigation and GPS, by Peter Simmonds


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Additional info: Critical path plan


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Additional info: Month by month countdown


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Additional info: Reconnaissance checklist


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Additional info: Sample planning checklist


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