Expedition medical professionals

Medical Professionals interested in expedition and wilderness medicine are particularly welcome to apply for Fellowship of RGS-IBG, and participate in the activities of RGS-IBG Expedition Medical Cell. Other resources of interest include:


There are a number of  courses designed specifically for medical professionals.  

Remember that in order to perform effectively as an expedition medic, it is just as important to be competent at operating in the expedition environment.

Gain experience by enrolling on a course to learn specialist skills in your chosen environment. View a range of training options.

Network with other expedition organisers at the annual RGS-IBG Explore weekend.

Getting involved

There is a variety of ways you can apply your medical knowledge for use in the wilderness. Have you considered the following?

  • Joining an expedition 
    The Society helps expeditions recruit medical professionals through its Register of Personnel available for expeditions, and publicises opportunities through its Bulletin of Expedition Vacancies.

  • Remote medical positions
    From Antarctica to Everest there are many opportunities to work in remote and challenging places. The RGS-IBG Bulletin of Expedition Vacancies advertises a wide range of  available positions.

  • Research Expeditions 
    Have you ever considered organising your own medical research project overseas? 
    You can  search the Expedition Report Database using search terms ‘medical’ or ‘health’ for some ideas of potential project ideas. Seek advice on planning an expedition or consider joining an established medical research expedition.

  • RGS-IBG Expedition Medical Cell 
    If you have extensive expedition experience or knowledge of a particular aspect of remote area medicine, your involvement in the Medical Cell Expert Panel would be welcome. Contact go@rgs.org for more details.

Still looking for ideas?

Browse our expedition medicine links on delicious for more options. Tags include pre hospital medicine, humanitarian medicine, tropical medicine.

Expedition Medicine Manual

A comprehensive pocket guide to expedition medicine, with practical advice for use in remote environments, and links and references to further information.

Upcoming courses and workshops

Educational Visits Coordinator Training

A full day workshop that supports Educational Visits Coordinators (EVCs) in their roles by covering the legal and practical procedures required of their position.

British Standard 8848 workshop

British Standard BS 8848 specifies operational requirements for providers of overseas ventures. The workshop will assist those using the standard to benchmark exising safety management systems within their own organisations.


Building and deploying DIY web-connected field sensors and loggers for field research and teaching

Are you doing an expedition, dissertation research or GCSE/A level field teaching? You'll need to measure stuff!  Come and learn how to design and use low cost sensors (using the freestation.org approach).

Expedition medicine training

A two-day course for those departing on expeditions to remote parts of the world where medical help is not readily available.