Land Rover

Corporate benefactors of the RGS-IBG, Jaguar Land Rover are the UK’s leading all-terrain vehicle manufacturer. Their story is marked by innovation and design excellence, from the original Land Rover launched in 1948 to the latest addition to the family, the new Land Rover Defender which will be on show at Explore 2019.



With over 300 books and e-books, Cicerone guides are the UK’s leading source of reliable information for walkers, trekkers, mountaineers and cyclists, as well as being used and enjoyed by enthusiasts and professionals alike. Enjoy their guides to the long-distance paths and national trails of the UK. 


Lightweight, compact and home-cooked using natural ingredients, their filling meals bring real flavour to remote places. Just add water to refuel, wherever you find yourself, whatever your challenge.


Zero Six Zero

ZeroSixZero produces live, interactive, bespoke expedition maps to help adventurers tell their stories. Specializing in expedition maps, ZeroSixZero has custom solutions for polar, ocean rowing, cycle touring, kayaking, overland expedition tracking and more.


Nomad Travel

Nomad Travel are specialists in kitting out expeditions. Established in 1990, services include vaccination clinics, pharmacy, clothing, and equipment. They have 9 clinics across the country manned by travel health professionals who are able to advise you on your pre travel health needs.


SplashMaps Ltd.

SplashMaps is a sports mapping brand that's emerged from the simple idea of printing maps on weatherproof fabrics. Beyond their maps of all National Parks and long-distance trails in Great Britain, they are unique in making the most versatile personalised maps of anywhere in the world.


Young Explorers Trust

The YET is an independent, volunteer staffed, nationally based, educational charity founded in 1972. We promote the value of participation by young people in responsibly lead and managed expeditions.                                           


Mountain Energy

Mountain Energy is a UK-based expedition company specialising in expeditions to Europe, South Africa & South America. They are a family run business with extensive experience of working with youth groups, schools and volunteer organisations. In addition to running expeditions, they also provide training in the UK and deliver mountain navigation courses as well as the prestigious Off Site Safety Management Course which is accredited by the RGS-IBG.



Geographical is the magazine of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) and was founded by Michael Huxley in 1935. Informative, authoritative and educational, it covers a wide range of subject areas, including geography, culture, wildlife and exploration, illustrated with superb photography.


Sail Britain

Sail Britain is an interdisciplinary sailing project exploring the British coastline through ocean research, the creative arts and engagement with communities. 


Strumpshaw, Tincleton & Giggleswick's Marvellous Maps

Discover Britain’s best bits with Marvellous Maps, designed to inspire great adventures, liven up walls and cause an uncontrollable urge to get outside and go exploring.

Silk Road Training

Silk Road Training have radically redesigned travel safety, security and first aid training for those living in, working in and visiting challenging environments using online, 360 degree and VR training technology

Prime Bar Snacks

Prime Bar decided to solve the problem of ultra-sweet, ultra-processed sports snacks, and the lack of savoury sports nutritional foods craved by many. To solve the problem, they have made a range of delicious, savoury bars with British grass-fed beef, fruits, herbs and spices. No nasty unrecognisable ingredients, just real food you would find in your kitchen at home, for you to enjoy on your next adventure!

Three Peaks Africa

Three Peaks Africa is a UK- based expedition company specialising in unique mountain expeditions to Tanzania and Morocco, with challenges opening up to South Africa in 2020 as well as in Ethiopia and also the Middle East!

Scientific Exploration Society

Scientific Exploration Society (SES) is a UK based charity that leads, funds and supports scientific discovery, research and conservation in remote parts of the world offering knowledge, education and community aid.

Tour de Force is an adventure logistics company specifically designed for those planning overland expeditions worldwide. We offer everything from a consultancy service during the preparation stages, including route planning, through to full support during the event- we have crew available for logistics, medical and mechanical back up etc... Previous projects include a flying car to Timbuktu, charity rallies in Africa and South America, plus long distance 4x4 and vintage car driving adventures across the globe. 

Equal Adventure (EA) is an enterprising, innovative and socially-minded organisation, working with disabled people to improve the inclusiveness of outdoor adventure activities, sport and active lifestyles. EA provides training, outdoor activities, equipment and support to enable meaningful inclusion with disabled people, whether it be at an outdoor centre or on expedition. Additionally, EA also explores inclusive practice with disabled people from an ability centred perspective. As such, our award winning equipment and powered all terrain wheelchairs supports the needs of the individual, while our IOL accredited training provides advisers, coaches and instructors with the encouragement and confidence to provide an all-inclusive package for disabled people.

Encounter Edu

Encounter Edu designs and runs STEM and Global Citizenship education programmes linking global issues to the classroom. Combined, these virtual exchanges, live broadcasts and teacher resources provide children with the experience to develop as critical thinkers for the 21st century. Over 10 years, Encounter Edu has travelled the world and its poles producing STEM and geography resources made with the people working on the frontlines of research, be a scientist in the Arctic, a robotics engineer at Oxford or an aquanaut exploring the deep ocean.

Plas y Brenin

Plas y Brenin National Outdoor Centre is a world-renowned provider of adventure sports and expedition training. From their base in the scenic heart of Snowdonia, Plas y Brenin’s work is focused on developing inspiring leaders, coaches and instructors in the outdoors, be they volunteers or working professionally in the sector, to better support people, from all backgrounds, to explore and enjoy their world.

Rabbit Island Foundation

The Rabbit Island Foundation provides a platform to investigate, expand and challenge creative practices in a remote environment through the Rabbit Island Residency. The island, an unsettled and undivided space, enables resident artists and researchers to present commentary on these ideas, creating creative interpretations and solutions to issues of global importance such as climate change and loss of natural habitat and pristine watersheds.

Students on Ice Foundation

Students on Ice (SOI) is an award-winning organization offering unique educational expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic. SOI believes that the Polar Regions are the world’s greatest classrooms and tremendous platforms for education in history, science, political, social and environmental issues.