Reza Pakravan

Reza Pakravan is a filmmaker, writer and explorer whose work has taken audiences to some of the most remote corners of the world. He has presented and produced prime time series for networks such as the BBC, Channel 4, Fox and Aljazeera. 

Katie Arnold

Katie Arnold is a freelance journalist and television producer. She made her first documentary in 2013, after buying a cheap DSLR camera and moving to a small Palestinian village. Since then, she has worked with many of the top international broadcasters.

Roseann Hanson

Roseann Hanson has worked around the globe as a guide, journalist, and conservation program director. She is also a watercolour artist, lapidary and metalsmith, and for several years she has worked on significant cultural heritage projects, including long-term work with the South Rift Land Owner’s Association – an all-Maasai cultural preservation group.

Paul Rose

A man at the front line of exploration and one of the world’s most experienced science expedition leaders. Paul Rose helps scientists unlock and communicate global mysteries in the most remote and challenging regions of the planet.

James Borrell

James Borrell is a conservation scientist and science communicator with travels ranging from the Peruvian Amazon to the Dhofar Mountains. In 2015, he launched an expedition in Madagascar, as he investigated the significant threat to future conservation in the area. 

Sam Jones

Sam is currently undertaking his PhD at Royal Holloway. He has worked extensively throughout the tropics studying the basic ecology of little-known and threatened bird species. He was the recipient of the 2016 Neville Shulman Challenge award. 

Eleanor Drinkwater

Eleanor Drinkwater is an entomologist in the final year of her PhD at the University of York and is passionate about understanding invertebrate behaviour and developing an ethical framework for the sustainable use and collection of invertebrates. These interests have led her to work both in the UK and further afield in Peru, Australia, Honduras and French Guiana

Tom Allen

As well as being an adventure filmmaker, author, blogger and entrepreneur, Tom is one of last year’s recipients of the Society's Land Rover Bursary, working with regional organisations and experts to map a hiking trail in the Lesser Caucasus mountain range.

Oliver Beardon

Oliver is the founder of Sail Britain, an interdisciplinary arts, sailing and ocean research project. He has a particular interest in cross disciplinary working in a research and expedition environment, and the collaborative social space of a sailing vessel. 


Stephen Jones

Steve is manager for the Antarctic base for Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions LLC, which flies nearly all polar expeditions and mountaineers into Antarctica, and is responsible for safety and logistical support for field parties.

Sarah Tingey

Sarah Tingey is a PhD student in Glaciology at the School of Geographical Sciences, University of Bristol. Prior to her PhD, Sarah spent 9 years working in the scuba diving industry travelling to remote areas in Egypt and Honduras. Sarah is now investigating the impacts of melting ice within the Himalayas

Nigel Winser

Since founding the first RGS-IBG Explore weekend in 1976, Nigel has directed interdisciplinary research programmes that support conservation and sustainable development across Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Ben Page

Ben is a human geographer who has undertaken academic research in Cameroon for nearly twenty-five years. He teaches African Studies, Migration Studies and Geography at UCL.

Duncan Milligan

Duncan runs Tour de Force, an adventure logistics company, specialising in overland travel. He has driven across the Sahara,  Nairobi to Cape Town, Kathmandu to the UK via China, Tibet and Central Asia and managed The Africa Rally, The Mototaxi Junket and The Icarus Trophy for The Adventurists.

Martin Hartley

As one of the world's leading expedition and adventure travel photographers, Martin specialises in documenting the most inaccessible places on earth. 

Mark Mulligan

A lecturer in Geography at King's College London, Mark considers field research to be fundamental to understanding and managing environments and ecosystems. He currently leads research on the issues around the ecosystem services provided by the world's protected areas.

Thomas Starnes

Thomas is a GIS Systems Analyst working in the RSPB Conservation Data Management Unit. He the Chairperson of the Council of Higher Education Caving Clubs and a member of the Cave Surveying Group.

Peter Coals

Peter Coals is a conservation biologist with varied research interests, including large carnivores, rhinos, small mammals, and desert plants. As an anti-poaching officer he has been involved in the reactive protection of large, valuable African species of rhinoceros and elephant. He has trained wildlife and anti-poaching rangers across a range of global settings. 

Nathan Smith

Dr Nathan Smith's research focuses on human performance and heath in extreme environmental conditions, and has conducted research in polar, desert and mountaineering environments.

James Dyer

James is an adventurer, expedition leader, safety advisor and outdoor education practitioner. With a career spanning over 20 years, he has participated in and led expeditions all over the globe, covering all environments from the highest mountains, to the frozen Arctic.