Map skills

This six-lesson unit on map skills is designed so that one lesson will be taught in each year group from years one through six

The case for qualitative fieldwork

Making the case for using qualitative techniques in geography fieldwork to encourage your students to engage in insightful geographical thinking

Free GIS and maps for fieldwork

Supporting high quality fieldwork using free maps and GIS from the internet

Road Race

This activity encourages students in Key Stage 3 to practice and develop their map skills using their free OS maps of the local area

Local fieldwork toolkit

Includes guidance for getting started with planning a trip, lists of useful contacts and ideas for activities

Rivers fieldwork techniques

This section introduces a range of techniques that you can use for fieldwork in river environments

Human impact studies

Environmental impact assessments, pollution studies and more

Air quality survey

Lichens and Pollution: A fieldwork activity using lichens as bio-indicators to assess air quality in the local area

Primary fieldwork

Supporting Fieldwork at KS1 and KS2

Lake District

The geography, geomorphology and geology of the National Park, with links to sources of further information and details about the fieldwork that can be carried out in different areas of the park

Urban studies ideas

Urban studies are popular locations for fieldwork, since 70% of us live in built up areas

Sampling techniques

Data is gathered on a small part of the whole parent population or sampling frame, and used to inform what the whole picture is like

Google Earth as a fieldwork tool

Google Earth, the free to download satellite imagery package from Google provides an excellent starting point for students to organise and present their fieldwork data

Sustainable shopping

Trolley Talk: A fieldwork activity to investigate local supermarkets and sustainable shopping

Stars in your lives

This activity has been designed to be a stimulating and fun way of practicing map skills using the free OS maps for schools

Sketching and photography

Field sketching and field photography are fundamental parts of any field work investigation

Coasts fieldwork techniques

A range of techniques that you can use for fieldwork in coastal environments


Exploring coasts as dynamic and changing systems

School grounds ecosystems study

This module has been designed to enable students to learn and practice a variety of fieldwork techniques in their school grounds

Geography and Core Maths Resources

Geography provides an important opportunity to develop mathematical, quantitative and statistical techniques

Jurassic Coast of Dorset and East Devon

The Jurassic Coast of Dorset and East Devon is a 95 mile stretch of coastline that demonstrates 185 million years of geological history

Higher Education resources for geography

Browse resources for higher education providers, both from the Society and other organisations

Inclusive Fieldwork

Five ideas for inclusive fieldwork around your school

Data Skills in Geography – Useful Links

A selection of useful links to support the teaching of data skills in geography

Quality of life

Investigating variations in quality of life between different localities

Colouring London

Colouring London aims to collect information on every building in London, to help make the city more sustainable.

Coasts - Hunstanton Cliffs and NW Norfolk

This resource explores the Hunstanton area of NW Norfolk, and the stretch of coastline on either side, which borders The Wash in the East of England

Rural investigations

There is huge scope for investigating the land-use, function and issues in rural areas, and their changing identity and character

Ideas for on-site school fieldwork

Ideas for school-centred and local fieldwork during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Map skills ideas

Ideas for fieldwork using maps


Microclimate data can be collected in any location, including the school grounds

Subject knowledge animation: Map skills

An overview of symbols, compass and direction, grid references, scale, contours.

Place profiling

Develop the way your learners see, hear and interact with the spaces they inhabit

What's in a name?

This activity encourages students to develop an understanding of how history has influenced cultural heritage in their local area

London 2012 Olympic Park

Written before the London 2012 Olympics, this resource looks at the developments in East London in the lead up to the Games

Ecosystems fieldwork techniques

The fieldwork techniques introduced in this section are geared towards a range of different ecosystem settings, ranging from coastal sand dunes to woodlands and inland waters

The Water Diaries

A collection of resources created from the film, photo, cartographic and data outputs from the RGS-IBG Land Rover Bursary 2017.

Quick and easy fieldwork ideas

You do not necessarily have to change your entire fieldtrip in order to bring it up to date

Primary Fieldwork in London

Supporting you to undertake KS2 fieldwork in London

Changing places A Level lesson plans

There is an opportunity for students to develop their data skills in relation to the multiple meanings and identities of place

Sustainable communities

A virtual fieldwork project to assess whether Milton Keynes is a sustainable community