Dealing with incidents

A step by step framework for dealing with incidents and accidents in the field.

This framework has been suggested by the Field Studies Council in their Operational Code of Practice for Field Safety:

  1. Assess the incident and the safety of the group leader and the rest of the group

  2. Assess whether the incident has produced life-threatening injuries. If so, prioritise and deal with them and seek assistance as soon as practicable without exposing the group to undue risk

  3. Deal with less serious injuries if necessary

  4. Ensure the continued safety of the group and any casualties. Be prepared to follow Major Incident Procedures if necessary

  5. Contact the school and/or centre to keep them updated for the situation if possible. Fill in accident/incident/medical forms and review the incident with other staff on return to the centre, reporting any injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences as appropriate

Download the FSC Operational Codes of Practice for Major Incidents (PDF)

DfE Health and Safety of pupils on Educational Visits guidance

OEAP Guidance for Outdoor Education

Health and Safety Execuitive: RIDDOR - Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995