EXPLORE expedition and fieldwork planning weekend

With over 90 leading field scientists and explorers, the EXPLORE weekend is unmissable for inspiration, advice and contacts.

Picking polar people: exploring explorer recruitment through the RGS archives - Alice Oates

[Online and in-person] Alice Oates explores the priorities and practice behind recruiting for Antarctic expeditions, and asking how we define a good candidate in the past and present of polar exploration.

Going to extremes: climbing Mount Everest to measure the weather - Dr Tom Matthews

[In-person and online] Hear why the climate at the roof of the world matters so much, from the team that just installed a weather station on top of Everest.

Vertical exploration - Leo Houlding

[In-person] The story of Leo's month-long expedition to summit the sacred Mount Roraima, a mountain found deep in the Guyana jungle.

What is there left to explore?

[Online and in-person] As we face myriad global challenges, what are the responsibilities and tasks facing travellers, adventurers, and field scientists, and where do they overlap or differ?

EXPLORE: RGS expedition and fieldwork planning weekend

[Online and in-person] EXPLORE is the Society’s annual expedition and field research planning weekend, it is unmissable for inspiration, advice, and contacts.

Sir Ernest Shackleton's Endurance: destruction and discovery - Dr Mensun Bound

[In-person and online] On 5 March 2022, the Endurance was found beneath Weddell Sea ice. The semi-intact hull and excellent preservation surprised many. In this lecture, Mensun explains the findings on the seabed.