A short (pre)history

Catherine Souch and Phil Emmerson from the Society look back at the origins of the book series and how it emerged from two previous book series stretching back to the 1970s.

Continuing strengths and challenges: Reflections from a former editor

Neil Coe, former editor, reflects on the how the series has developed since his editorship, noting some ongoing themes, strengths and challenges.

Publishing in the series as an early career researcher

Kean Fan Lim, author of On shifting Foundations reflects on why he chose to publish in the RGS-IBG book series early in his career, and how the process has helped him to develop as an academic. 

A book, then a prize, then a project

Philippa Williams, author of 'Everyday Peace?' offers some reflections on the process of publishing the book and where it took her afterwards.

A precious intellectual space.

Dave Featherstone, former editor and author, looks back at his time as editor and notes the key role that the book series plays in the discipline.

Why write a book in quick media landscape?

Steve Hinchliffe, co-author of 'Pathological Lives', reflects on why one would write a book at a time when 'short' and 'quick' dictate so much of what we do.