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Geography Superheroes

All geographers have their own superhero powers - what would yours be?

Unravelling the Mediterranean Migration Crisis

In 2015 over one million people crossed the Mediterranean to Europe in search of safety and a better life. Find out their stories.

39 Ways to Save the Planet

In partnership with BBC Radio Four, we present 39 ideas to relieve the stress that climate change is exerting on the planet

How does international aid work?

In this podcast we're joined by Dr Emma Mawdsley to discuss global development, and how international aid really works.

Victoria Ayodeji - Hackney to the University of Cambridge

Talking about her remarkable journey from Hackney to the University of Cambridge

Urban transformation and belonging

When places change how do young people negotiate space to maintain their sense of home and belonging?

How is creativity produced in the Caribbean?

In this podcast we're joined by Dr Pat Noxolo to discuss the ways in which Caribbean people deploy creative energy to live with the everyday effects of insecurity, poverty, inequality and violence