Selected upcoming regional events

Summer drinks and open garden at Hutton in the Forest

Inaugural summer drinks reception with open garden visit at Hutton in the Forest.

The 1924 British Mount Everest expedition - Eugene Rae and Kelda Roe

This is a unique opportunity to see and discuss a selection of significant artefacts from the RGS-IBG and Mountain Heritage Trust archives from what is often remembered as the ‘Mallory - Irvine’ attempt. Joint event with Mountain Heritage Trust.

Spurn Head Field Visit

Join us for this field visit to Spurn Head, led by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust rangers and volunteers. Spurn is a 3.5-mile narrow sand spit at the mouth of the Humber, rich in birds, plants and other wildlife, owned by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. It is a complex, ecologically fragile and sensitive peninsula.

Turbulence ahead: how climate change affects air travel - Dr Paul Williams

The climate is changing - not just where we live at ground level, but also where we fly at 35,000?. Extreme weather may cause flight disruptions and delays. Clear-air turbulence is expected to become stronger and more frequent. Flights may take longer because of changes to the jet stream. Come along to find out how climate change could affect your future flights.