KEEP OUT! Barriers and Boundaries Ancient and Modern by Ianthe Ruthven

With walls and fences being constructed everywhere, this striking photographic exhibition provides a broad historical and geographical perspective revealing the ephemeral nature of barriers to human movement.

Lost in Papua New Guinea - Benedict Allen

With his usual enthusiasm and humour, Benedict shares the true story of his recent expedition to the most remote forests of Papua New Guinea, a daring journey to locate people who befriended him 35 years ago.

The women's Euro-Arabian North Pole expedition - Felicity Aston

A team of novice polar explorers from across Europe and the Middle East ski across the rapidly dwindling sea ice of the Arctic Ocean in this tale of faith, hope and cultural insight.

Primulas, Poppies and Rhododendrons - the ‘Botanical Endeavours’ of Ludlow and Sherriff

A celebration of the plant-hunting partnership of Frank Ludlow and George Sherriff in Bhutan and South-East Tibet in the 1930s and 1940s.

Reflections from the Amazon: human impact on a remote region - Pip Stewart

Pip Stewart reflects on the impact of mining, ranching and deforestation. From building roads to buying gold, is it time we re-evaluated the impact we are having on the world?

Hunting for the Southern Continent

On his second voyage, Captain James Cook became the first recorded explorer to cross the Antarctic Circle and charted many Pacific islands for the first time.

Reflections from the Amazon: human impact on a remote region - Pip Stewart

Pip Stewart reflects on the impact of mining, ranching and deforestation. From building roads to buying gold, is it time we re-evaluated the impact we are having on the world?

The painted towns of Rajasthan - David Zurick

This illustrated lecture explores beauty and ruin in the old caravansary towns of the Thar Desert in Shekhawati, and highlights conservation efforts aimed at preserving the region’s fading visual culture.

Everest – A Reconnaissance

An exhibition of the first platinum prints to be created from the original 1921 negatives housed at the Society – including photographs by George Mallory – and amongst the earliest images to document Everest, the people and places of the region.

How glaciers respond to climate change: past present and future - Professor Jane Hart

An insight into how technology is able to take us into and beneath glaciers to understand their behaviour and response to climate change. 

Culture and climate change: experiments in citizen geography - Joe Smith

This session will explore the possibilities for active engagement of citizens – including students – to become more active participants in geographical research that explores some of the big issues of the day.

An evening in the ocean - Paul Rose

A career of professional diving in the world's wildest, remote, challenging and pristine places gives Paul a unique perspective of our seas. Can we be more optimistic about the future health of our Oceans? 

Be Inspired: Travelling for amazement – Alexander Maitland

An exploration of the life and journeys of Eric Newby through a selection of his books, including The Last Grain Race.

Reflections from the Amazon: human impact on a remote region - Pip Stewart

Pip Stewart reflects on the impact of mining, ranching and deforestation. From building roads to buying gold, is it time we re-evaluated the impact we are having on the world?

NHS@70: Exploring geographies of health and healthcare

As the NHS celebrates its 70th Birthday, a series of speakers from academia and NHS Digital consider the use of geographical data and spatial analysis to monitor neighbourhood inequalities in health, access to health services and health outcomes.

North West region annual dinner

SOLD OUT: Join us to celebrate another successful year for the North West regional committee with our guest: diver, explorer and presenter Paul Rose.

Practising historical geography 2018

Annual one-day conference for undergraduate and postgraduate historical geographers, with keynote lectures, practical workshops on research methods, and networking opportunities. 


Have theodolite, will travel - Nick Krebs

Mapping Africa's magnificent landscape in the nineteenth century, Nick Krebs explores East Africa through former War Office maps.

Hamilton Rice's Amazon

This 1924-5 film follows Dr Hamilton Rice as he embarks on his final expedition of the easterly tributaries of the Amazonian basin. The second film to be screened from the Society's recently digitised film archives. 

Aviation in the Manchester sky - Ian Revell

Ian Revell is a NATS Air Traffic Control Watch Manager at Manchester Airport having previously worked for 14 years at Aberdeen. He will talk about Manchester and the surrounding areas' air space and how he controls the skies.

Explore: Friday Night Lecture

The Water Diaries: Bringing the world of water alive through adventure.

Explore 2018: the expedition and fieldwork planning seminar

Explore is the starting point for many innovative field research projects and expeditions. Over 100 contributors will give lectures, run workshops and exhibts, providing inspiration, contacts and practical advice.

Disruptive geographers: big data and flood risk modelling - Professor Paul Bates

Paul will show how Geographers and their technologies have challenged and disrupted traditional approaches to understanding floods.

Developing a deeper understanding of the A Level Independent Investigation

This one day collaborative event, in partnership with OCR, aims to support teachers by developing a deeper understanding of the Independent Investigation to build expertise and confidence.

The search for the Northwest Passage - Eugene Rae

The Society's Principal Librarian will explain and illustrate the historic search for this key trading route with a range of artifacts from the archives.

Unlocking sustainable cities – what would real change mean? Professor Paul Chatterton

Professor Paul Chatterton from the University of Leeds will discuss his new book ‘Unlocking sustainable cities’ which offers a means to challenge unsustainable and damaging practices in our cities.

Urban farming futures - Dr Laura Vickers

Dr Laura Vickers discusses the sustainability of food cultivation and distribution in space-constrained towns and cities.

The hazardous effects of tectonic plate movements - Pat Wilson

Pat Wilson speaks about how global hazards can be explained by understanding the recent movements of tectonic plates in places such as New Zealand and Hawaii. 

The fight for beauty - Dame Fiona Reynolds

Fiona reflects on why beauty matters, yet barely features in public debate and policy. She will argue that beauty is needed to moderate the increasingly commercial, economistic narrative that prevails today.

The Abyssinian difficulty: a Victorian expedition - John Pilkington

In 1868 the British government mounted an expedition to rescue European hostages. John looks at the changes in Eritrea and Ethiopia in the intervening 150 years.


Mountaineering challenges: climbing the world’s highest mountains - Vanessa O'Brien

Vanessa describes climbing the Seven Summits and contrasts climbing the Asian peaks of Everest, K2, Manaslu, Cho Oyu and Shishapangma.

From Greenland to high-mountain Asia – Arminel Lovell and Emily Hill

Arminel Lovell and Emily Hill from Newcastle University compare their research on glaciers in two contrasting cold environments, which are changing rapidly due to 21st century climate change and are expected to have major impacts on people, wildlife and infrastructure globally.

Spanish and Portuguese wine tasting

Join us for an evening of tutored wine tasting; sampling six wines from Spain and Portugal.

Economic Geography Futures

One-day conference organised by the Economic Geography Research Group, exploring the futures of UK economic geography.

GIS day in partnership with Esri UK

Join us for GIS Day 2018, in partnership with Esri UK. Open to A Level students and their teachers.

VR glaciers and glaciated landscapes

This free CPD event for A Level teachers will explore how the new, free-to-use VR glaciers and glaciated landscapes resource can be used in the classroom to support the new A Level specification.

A journey through Hungary

A country with a fascinating history; discover the richness of Hungary's culture, landscape and culinary palette. 

The Sustainable Development Goals: ambition or fantasy? - Linden Edgell

Linden considers whether the Sustainable Development Goals offer a realistic roadmap for the future of our planet.

Improved understanding of hazards from remote-sensing measurements - Dr Steven Palmer

Dr Steven Palmer will reveal how aircraft and drone-based remote sensing techniques can help us to better understanding hazards caused by coastal erosion along the Jurassic Coast.

Around Africa by public transport - Ian Packham

Ian Packham completed his first solo and unassisted circumnavigation of Africa by public transport – a 25,000 mile journey through 31 countries over 13 months.

African Twilight: The Vanishing Rituals and Ceremonies of the African Continent - Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher

Award-winning photographers Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher share the images and experiences behind the making of their new magnum opus, African Twilight.

Subject knowledge update: Changing places

Dr Simon Oakes will present a workshop for A Level teachers.

Christmas quiz

Come one and all to test your general and geographical knowledge at a festive quiz. 

You are here: Geospatial technologies in the public domain - Dr Gary Priestnall

This talk will begin by summarising the capabilities and applications of GIS before considering the key technological developments that have allowed more widespread use of digital geographic information by the general public.

Off-site safety management

This two-day course, on 4 and 5 December, looks at the safety management issues involved in planning, managing and evaluating local visits, fieldtrips, residentials and exchanges.

Educational Visits Coordinator Training

A full day workshop that supports Educational Visits Coordinators (EVCs) in their roles by covering the legal and practical procedures required of their position.

Map and photo evening

A chance to share stories about travels, adventures and experiences in a series of 10-minute talks. Mulled wine and mince pies at interval.

Breaking new ground: Portsmouth Harbour and QE carriers - Captain Iain Greenlees

To prepare Portsmouth Harbour for the Queen Elizabeth carriers, new technologies were developed to dredge three million tons of sediment from the seabed. In excavating previously undisturbed sediments, the task revealed a fascinating range of geological and archaeological artefacts.

Educational Visits Coordinator Update Training

This course gives EVCs at all schools the opportunity to look into current material in more depth and share good practice with other EVCs.

Death of a translator - Ed Gorman

Former journalist Ed Gorman covered Afghanistan during the Russian invasion and Belfast during the 1980s. Image: Ed Gornan. 

Is the Paris climate agreement still viable?

A panel of experts discuss the progress made in tackling climate change since December 2015 and examine the many problems which lie ahead. 

Children's lecture - Breaking the norm

Join us for the Society’s annual Children’s lecture. 

Spaces of Internationalism - Professor Mike Heffernan

At a moment when global cooperation is under threat, this lecture examines the history of internationalism, with particular reference to the international role of RGS-IBG.

A Level study day - Year 13

Our A Level study day gives Year 13 students the opportunity to improve their subject knowledge, receive useful examination technique guidance and learn more about 'thinking like a geographer'.

Prized possessions from amazing locations

Christmas social including four mini geographical talks and a three course meal.

Spaces of Internationalism

At a moment when global cooperation is under threat, this exhibition examines the history of internationalism, with particular reference to RGS-IBG’s international role.

The landscapes of Jane Austen - Dr Alan Crosby

Jane Austen lived at a time when fashions in landscape design were in the process of change. This talk considers landscape design in the late Georgian and Regency periods, in the context of those wonderful masterpieces of literature. 


Geography at university workshops

These events provide sixth form students the experience to bridge the gap between school and university and explore what studying geography at university level is like.