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Committees of Council

The Society's Bye Laws enable Council to set up working committees and advisory groups to help oversee areas of the Society's work. Each committee and advisory group has its own terms of reference.

There are three routes by which Fellows can join committees of Council: direct election, appointment by application, and direct co-option.   

  • Elections for roles on committees will be held at the same time and in the same way as the Council elections, with the results announced at the AGM in June.

  • Appointment by application will be via expressions of interest sent to either the Chair of the Committee or to the Director’s office (

  • Committees reserve the right to co-opt at any point in the year should the needs of the Committee dictate.

Full details of the membership of each of the Sub-Committee and the routes for appointment are embedded in the Terms of Reference of the respective committees. These vary according to the needs of that area, and may change depending on the nature of the work and projects that are in progress. Notices of opportunities to stand/apply (as relevant) to such opportunities will be publicised via the Society’s communications channels e.g. Latest news articles and other member communications.


Current opportunities

Research and Higher Education Committee

The Research and Higher Education Committee hold elections annually for the Chair of Annual Conference (one fixed two-year role) and a member of the Research and Higher Education committee (one fixed three-year role).

The Research Group representative is elected by executive members of the Research Groups (one fixed three-year term) and the Postgraduate representative is elected by the Postgraduate Forum (one fixed one-year term).


Expeditions and Fieldwork Committee

The Expeditions and Fieldwork Committee has a mixture of directly co-opted members, appointments and elections. All members of the Committee serve a single fixed term of four years.


Education Committee

The Education Committee directly co-opts members to vacant roles. All members of the Committee serve one fixed term of four years.


Professional Practice Committee

Opportunities will be available in 2024 to join the Professional Practice Committee.


Finance Committee

The Finance Committee has a mixture of elected and directly appointed members.