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Regional committees

We have 10 regional branches across England, Northern Ireland and Wales, which are managed by groups of local volunteers. We also have international branches based in Hong Kong and Singapore, developed by local Fellows.

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Regions Committee

The Regions Committee is a forum for representatives from each of the regional committees to share best practice, offer peer support and learn more about the wider work of the Society.


Membership of the committee comprises:

  • Vice President for Members will Chair the committee

  • Two representatives from each regional committee (these can change at each meeting)

Ex Officio members:

  • Director

  • Head of Public Engagement and Communications

  • Programmes Manager

  • Programmes Officer (minutes)


The Chair will serve one fixed term of four years.

Representatives from each regional committee do not have fixed terms as they can change from meeting to meeting.

Any additional members co-opted by the Committee will be subject to approval by Council and will serve fixed terms of four years.


Frequency of meetings

The Regions Committee meets bi-annually, in November and April.



The Regions Committee shall be quorate when 50% of its members are present, in person or through teleconferencing. (Ex officio members do not count towards quorum.)



Decision-making shall be by consensus as far as possible. If a vote is required, each member (except ex officio members) shall have one vote and the Chair shall have the casting vote.  



The duties of the committee shall be to provide members of the regional committees with support and advice, and to share best practice on organising and delivering events for Fellows, Members and the general public.



These Terms of Reference will be reviewed by the Committee every three years.

Due for review by Council in December 2025.