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Research, education and professional

Director of Research, Education and Professional: Dr Catherine Souch

Research and higher education

  • Research and Collections Engagement Manager: Dr Sarah Evans (on maternity leave)
  • Research Manager: Dr Luke Green
  • Professional Officer: Higher Education Teaching and Learning: Ed Armston Sheret Flynn
  • Professional Officer: Research and Higher Education: Emily Barker-Jubb



  • Grants Manager: Dr Julian Martin


Scholarly journals

  • Managing Editor: Academic Publications: Dr Anna Lawrence



  • Professional and Policy Manager: Liz Fox-Tucker

  • Professional Officer: Alice Wilson

  • Administrative Assistant: Professional and Policy: Ted Burrows



  • Manager: Educational Professional Support: Claire Brown

  • Manager: Resources, Projects and Partnerships: Simon Pinfield

  • Coordinator: Resources: Rachel Owen

  • Coordinator: Choose Geography: Vacant