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Photo of Tom and Agnes Livingstone, Abdullah Susi, James Chuma and Horace Waller, Newstead Abbey, England, June 1874

Our work with our Collections

Learn how we promote equality, diversity, and inclusion by increasing access to our Collections through community collaborations.

Community collaborations

Over the years, we've been increasing access to our Collections through community collaborations. Community partnerships not only broaden the range of audiences accessing our Collections, they also offer new interpretations and contexts for items used in the projects. This contribution of knowledge and expertise from community representatives greatly benefits all users of the Collections.


Collaborative research on the Collections

For the last decade, supported by the AHRC, the Society has hosted PhD students working collaboratively on the Collections. Some of the research projects focused on the themes around inclusitivity and race, and other understudied aspects of the Collections.

Public lectures

Some of our talks focus on critical engagement with our Collections and/or collections assembled as part of colonial projects in general.

In March 2021, we invited Professor Paul Basu to give a talk on how these type of archives and collections can play a role in repairing past injustices and building more positive relationships in the present.

One of our Be Inspired talks was delivered by Dr Kate Simpson and her work on the Society's Collections. She presented alternate narratives of exploration through which African women in the expeditions of David Livingstone can be restored, and to reinscribe their role within the historical archival record.