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On Tuesday 20 June, we will be welcoming Chartered Geographers to the Society’s building in South Kensington for an evening of networking. The event will provide an opportunity to meet and network with fellow Chartered Geographers from across geographical disciplines and share experiences as geographers and accredited professionals.

Networking is one of the many benefits of professional accreditation and is a great way to develop and expand your professional relationships. If you are interested in finding out more about networking, take a look at our tips on expanding your network through professional introductions and how to get the most out of networking.

Our internationally-recognised accreditation scheme, Chartered Geographer, recognises professionals who demonstrate expertise in geographical skills, knowledge and understanding in professional settings. We currently have over 1,000 Chartered Geographers from a range of sectors and industries, including environmental consultancies, geospatial companies, national and local government, and higher education.

Starting at 6.30pm, the networking evening is open to all Chartered Geographers, as well as Fellows and non-members who wish to find out more about the application process and benefits of chartership.

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