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Geography GCSE results published this morning by the Joint Council for Qualifications demonstrate geography’s enduring relevance as a subject.

293,319 students in England, Wales and Northern Ireland sat GCSE geography exams this year (289,351 in 2022) and it retains its place as the GCSE subject with the sixth highest number of entries. The sustained growth in numbers of students taking geography at GCSE shows its enduring relevance as an important subject for young people.

Commenting on GCSE geography’s sustained growth, Society Director, Professor Joe Smith, said:

“Congratulations to all the students receiving their GCSE geography results today. We are delighted to see that geography’s relevance for today’s changing world continues to be recognised by so many students, as well as their teachers, parents and carers.

“I encourage students to continue their geographical studies at A Level to benefit from the strong, adaptable foundation that geography brings to your life, but an interest in geography doesn’t need to be limited to school studies. Geographical themes are present all around us in everything from tackling inequality, to improving biodiversity, sports, travel and even entrepreneurship.

“The broad spectrum of knowledge and tools that students cover in geography allows them to develop their understanding of the world and pursue their interests without limiting their options. With the foundation of a geography GCSE, the door is now open to a wide range of further study and careers, with the prospect for secure and rewarding work.”

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