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Our prestigious medals and awards recognise excellence in geographical research, fieldwork, teaching, policy, and public engagement. They are presented annually in recognition of those who have made outstanding contributions to geography.


Royal Medals

Her Majesty the Queen has approved the award of the Royal Medals as follows:


Royal Medal - Founder’s Medal

  • Andy Eavis For his significant contribution in leading speleological expeditions, exploring and recording some of the largest caves in the world for over 50 years

Royal Medal - Patron’s Medal

  • Dr Rita Gardner CBE For the widespread advancement of geography across all its sub-disciplines through her Directorship of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)



Council awards

The Society’s Council has made the following awards:

Victoria Medal

  • Professor Chris Philo For his promotion and contribution to research in health, social and cultural geographies

Busk Medal

  • Dr Emma Mawdsley For exceptional engagements with fieldwork, research and knowledge production about the global South

Cherry Kearton Medal and Award

  • David Coulson For providing outstanding resources through his photographic work to enable a better understanding of African Rock Art

Murchison Award

  • Dr Patricia Noxolo For publications judged to contribute most to geographical science in preceding recent years, particularly through reconceptualising spatial ethics through place-based practices and her effective advocating of postcolonial and decolonial thought in geography and beyond

Back Award

  • Professor Terry Marsden For outstanding contribution to the development of national and international rural planning and development public policy

Cuthbert Peek Award

  • Professor Philip Ashworth For pioneering wide-reaching research methods through the modelling of river dynamics

Gill Memorial Award (two awards)

  • Dr Sarah Marie Hall For outstanding early career research in human geography

  • Dr Louise Slater For outstanding early career research in physical geography

Ordnance Survey Awards (two awards)

  • Hafsa Bobat For excellence in geography education at secondary level

  • Kate Stockings For excellence in geography education at secondary level

Taylor and Francis Award

  • Catherine White For sustained contributions to teaching and learning in higher education, supporting geographers through their transition across different stages of education

Ness Award

  • Isabella Tree For the popularisation of geography through her writing on biodiversity and the relation between humans and the environment

Alfred Steers Dissertation Prize

  • Alice Collins For the undergraduate geography dissertation judged to be the best in 2020 "'I’ve never seen it look like that': The dronescape, tentative enchantments, and a passion to fly"

Area Prize

  • Dr Ingrid Medby For the best article in the journal by a new researcher: Political geography and language: A reappraisal for a diverse discipline

Ron Cooke Award 

  • Hollie Daw For her A Level Independent Investigation “An examination of the factors affecting infiltration rate at Ashford Hill National Nature Reserve”

Geographical Award

  • Dr Suresh Paul/Equal Adventure For contributions to inclusive and ethical practices in expeditions and fieldwork

Honorary Fellowship in recognition of outstanding support for the Society and geography

  • Paul Brown

  • Professor Allan Findlay

  • Professor John Lewin

  • Dr John Hemming

  • Mark Humphreys