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The Inflexion Foundation supports two key areas of our activity: working with colleagues and organisations across the geographical community to improve the prospects of young people under-represented in the discipline through our Geography for all programme; and through the Earth Stories initiative, which encourages storytelling about the environment and sustainability, bringing together leading specialists with media industry decision-makers and creative talent to amplify the best available knowledge and practices.

The Inflexion Foundation is the formalised charitable giving programme of Inflexion Private Equity and supports a broad range of charitable endeavours, including those with a particular focus on improving the prospects of young people. The Inflexion Foundation has been improving the lives of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds across the UK for nearly half a decade, with £6.9 million donated to 43 charities since inception.

The Inflexion Foundation launched in 2018 to work alongside Inflexion. Inflexion believes a focus on responsibility leads to better outcomes for all. With over 20 years of private equity investing experience, their focus is on long-term, hands-on support to drive meaningful value. As an organisation they believe the impact of financial capital is significantly amplified when it is supplemented by human capital. Alongside funding, the Inflexion team gets involved at a company and personal level in terms of pro-bono work and fundraising. By helping to improve the future prospects of disadvantaged young people, they believe in helping society more broadly by opening up the widest pool of talent in later years.

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