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Impact of geography

Explore the impact of geography through our case studies and resources.

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The future for rural mobility symposium

On Wednesday 27 March 2024 the Society co-hosted 'The future for rural mobility' symposium with The University of Hertfordshire's Smart Mobility Unit and Transport East.

Coastal dune evolution and management

Research has advanced fundamental understanding of the roles of climate change and human activity on coastal dune vegetation disturbance and dune field evolution.

Stopping the poachers: technological solutions for rhino conservation

Low-cost thermal imaging (TI) approaches for anti-poaching operations with front-line rangers in three countries are supporting >85% of rhino in Africa.

Changing global political, humanitarian, media and public understanding and actions on political violence

Research on incidents of violence and conflict worldwide is informing strategy and policy to better allocate resources within conflict-affected states.

Delivering smart ticketing in Great Britain

Research at the University of Plymouth has supported the rollout of contactless payment across bus networks.

Protecting human health from infectious diseases in low-resource settings

Research has reduced human health risk from diseases including cholera, Ebola and typhoid.

Transforming behavioural public policy delivery and practitioner practices through the MBBI programme

A training programme was developed to inform the practices of the Welsh public sector.

Transforming international efforts to end Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting

Research has supported country-level improvements in anti-FGM/C efforts.

Crafting Resistance: the art of Chilean political prisoners

Research with Chilean exiles who were political prisoners under the Pinochet regime has led to the production of a museum exhibition and documentary film.

Transforming European energy poverty policy

Research at the University of Manchester has influenced EU policies aimed at identifying and addressing energy poverty.

Challenging Scottish exceptionalism on racism and Islamophobia

Research has directly challenged the assumption in Scotland that racism and Islamophobia are only of concern in England.

Improving the use of empirical evidence to increase returns on public expenditure and investments

Research conducted at LSE has influenced local and national economic growth policies.