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Impact of geography

Explore the impact of geography through our case studies and resources.

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Moana Water of Life: navigating climate change for planetary health

Citizen social science is bringing citizens and experts together to co-produce climate research and policies.

Human–wildlife interactions and coexistence

Oxford Brookes University has shown that conflicts about wildlife are often the result of different cultural values and priorities, and unequal power relations.

Migration and constitutional change in Scotland

Geographers have examined Scotland’s migration ‘needs’ and the extent to which policy could better respond to them.

Enabling children and young people to shape sustainable urban change

Geographers have helped to ensure that young people’s voices are heard in government agendas for sustainable urban change.

Growing up on the streets: Influencing global and local policy and practice with and for street children/youth

Research involving street children has influenced UN and national policies. 

Informing flood risk management and resilience strategies nationally and globally

Research has informed UK national flood policy. 

Cities, growth and rebalancing the UK economy

the 21st Century Challenges programme of events (2015-2017) aimed to engage people with some of the biggest issues and key challenges facing the UK.

21CC - A 'United' Kingdom?

What does the Brexit vote tell us about regional inequality and community integration in the United Kingdom?

Europe's Migration Crisis?

This event explored questions around how the UK may adjust to high net migration and ensure the best possible outcomes for the UK’s economy, society and for migrants

Navigating the perfect storm: international dimensions

This event explored the international challenge of food, water and energy security in the run up to the United Nations Rio +20 Conference on Sustainable Development

What keeps the UK healthy? Geographical perspectives on work and worklessness

In this event, contributors discussed the geography and impacts of the economic downturn on health and the challenges of long-term worklessness

Metro mayors: RGS-IBG with CURDS

CURDS and the Society convened policymakers, officials and researchers to discuss the May 2017 election of metro mayors.