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Relevance of geography

As a geography graduate, you will acquire a range of skills that will boost your employability no matter which career field you choose.

Employable: Geography graduates are highly employable, as a result of transferable skills and jobs where the specific knowledge and skills of the subject are utilised.

Geography graduates are: numerate; literate; good team workers; can think analytically and critically; have cultural agility; are socially and environmentally aware; and are creative.

Geographers have the ability to integrate ideas effectivelyproblem solve, are highly computer literate and have wider experience due to fieldwork.

Geography graduates are, according to Prospect's 'What do graduates do?' 2023/24 report, less likely to be unemployed after their degree course than those studying almost any other subject. 


Value of geographers: one example is the geographic information industry, valued world-wide at £1 billion: almost all major companies now use geographical information, making geography graduates particularly valuable employees given their spatial analysis skills and discipline-specific knowledge.

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Professional: Geographers who demonstrate their competence, geographical knowledge and skills in the workplace can work towards accreditation with the Society by becoming a 'Chartered Geographer'. Chartership recognises experience, professionalism and commitment to geography and brings benefits for both employees and employers.

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