Committee vacancies

Any Fellows who have the time and expertise, and who wish to be considered for service on one of the Committees of Council, should write to the Director's Office with a summary of relevant experience.

Expressions of interest will be passed to the Committee Secretaries and Chairs.

Education Committee

The Education Committee guides the Society's work related to school pupils and the promotion of good practice in geographical education.

Expeditions and Fieldwork Committee

The Expeditions and Fieldwork Committee guides the Society's work concerning scientific expeditions, fieldwork and outdoor learning.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for reviewing the Society's finances and ensuring appropriate financial processes and controls are in place.

Research and Higher Education Committee

The Research and Higher Education Committee guides the Society's work to promote and support geographers, geographical communities and geographical research.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee provides ongoing support for the Director and Senior Management Team in between Council meetings.

Collections Advisory Group

The Collections Advisory Group provides external expertise and advice on the use and stewardship of the Society's Collections.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Group

EDIAG is responsible for reviewing the Society's work and progress on equality, diversity and inclusion.

Medals and Awards Committee

The Medals and Awards Committee ensures that nominations are eligible for consideration and recommends recipients for approval by Council.

Professional Advisory Group

The Professional Advisory Group guides the Society's work that promotes and supports geographers, geographical communities and professional geographical practice.

Regions Committee

The Regions Committee provides a forum for the Society's regional committees to share experiences and best practice.

Younger Members’ Committee

The Younger Members’ Committee organise a programme of geographical events with a strong social element.

Chartered Geographer Assessors Committee

The CGeog Assessors Committee reports to the Professional Advisory Group.

Investment Sub-Committee

The Investment Sub-Committee reports to Finance Committee.

Enterprises Board

The Enterprises Board reports to Finance Committee.