A new Arctic in the making – Professor Klaus Dodds

The Arctic is changing. But how and where is it changing, and why does it matter to those who call it home and those who don't?

Beyond the Pole: The British Trans-Arctic Expedition – Kari Herbert

In 1969 four men successfully completed the first surface crossing of the Arctic Ocean, led by Sir Wally Herbert. On the 50th anniversary of this exceptional achievement, Kari tells their story.

Our Planet – Alastair Fothergill

In an illustrated talk, Alastair describes the making of the new natural history series 'Our Planet'. The stunning films explore the environmental challenges the planet faces, and examine the world's most precious natural habitats.

The geography behind digital world-building – Kate Edwards

After 25 years in the business, Kate explores how geographers are influencing the digital media industries - using their knowledge or cartography, cultural systems and environmental challenges, to build engaging digital worlds.

Post-conflict restoration of historic Mosul – Andy Miller

Andy Miller, a heritage consultant specialising in post-conflict environments, gives an overview of ongoing restoration projects in the Old City of Mosul in the aftermath of its occupation by ISIS.

Food security: a global challenge – Professor Peter Jackson

Feeding a growing population from finite resources is one of the major challenges of the 21st century. Peter explores how we can achieve more sustainable and healthy systems of food production and consumption.

A tale of two rivers – Karen Darke and Katie Arnold

RGS-IBG grant recipients, Katie and Karen recount their seperate journeys along two rivers; the Murray and the Naryn. Whilst challenging themselves, they discovered the difficulties faced by the people who rely on rivers for their livelihoods.