Chasing fire - Dr Thomas Smith

Through sharing his experiences of chasing wildfires accross four continents, Thomas will explore the science of 'pyrogeography' and what it can tell us about the drivers and impacts of environmental change. 

On View: Mapping the peace

David McNeill illustrates how maps reflected and were affected by the Versailles Peace Conference.

Using GIS to solve humanitarian crises in un-mapped areas - Dr Jonny Huck

Please note new date. Join Jonny as he discusses his work in un-mapped environments to support humanitarian crisis relief.

Going places with geography (Year 9)

An exciting opportunity for pupils who are considering geography as a GCSE option to find out more about the subject and progression.

Coastal Futures 2019

The most comprehensive briefing of the yearon the marine environment - with over 50 speakers.

Building bridges from the Foyle to Ojague: Philip Donald

Philip will describe his experiences and the challenges involved in building the Foyle bridge and bridges for villages in West Africa.

Natural justice – Professor Lorna Dawson

This lecture explores the many ways that the natural environment can deliver to the criminal justice system. 

Southampton: gateway to the world - Andy Skinner

For well over 2,000 years, Southampton has played host to soldiers, travellers, merchants and emigrants. Join Andy from SeaCity Museum for a whistle-stop discovery of this remarkable history and the stories of people who called it home.

Sand and the sandbank

Event held by the Geological Society in association with the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)

A discussion aiming to consider sand as a commodity, exploring its supply and markets, and sharing knowledge on best practices for resource management.

Ernest Shackleton and World War One - Ann-Rachael Harwood

On his return from his epic journey to the Antarctic, Shackleton immediately enlisted. The Wilson’s curator, Ann-Rachael Harwood, talks about his contribution to World War One, drawing on the collections held at The Wilson.

A Level study day - Year 12

This study day gives Year 12 students the opportunity to improve their subject knowledge, receive useful examination technique guidance and learn more about 'thinking like a geographer'.