Thin ice - Tim Jarvis

[Online] Having retraced Shackleton’s 1916 survival journey, Tim explains how South Georgia’s glacial melt over the past 100 years has confirmed the importance of Shackletonian leadership in tackling climate change.

Be Inspired: Kalli on the ship - Peter Martin

[Online] This lecture will examine the circumstances surrounding the abduction of Kallihirua, a member of the Inughuit community of Northern Greenland who was visited by the crew of the Assistance during the 1850–51 Franklin Search Expedition. 

Ofsted Deep Dives into Geography

[Online] Hear first hand from colleagues about their experiences of an Ofsted Deep Dive into Geography. You will have a chance to hear about what the Deep Dive can involve, and ask questions to colleagues who have been through the process.

Slow Ways: fast forward for citizen-geographers - Dan Raven-Ellison

[Online] Developing Slow Ways: a network of walking routes that connects Great Britain's towns and cities. How can we all contribute?

Spatial Data Science Conference

[Postponed until 19 October 2020] Now in its fourth year, the Spatial Data Science Conference is the leading event bringing together Data Scientists and Developers who specialize in working with spatial data.

Travellers in the Great Steppe: From the Papal Envoys to the Russian Revolution

[Online] The Embassy of Kazakhstan in the United Kingdom Invites you to the online launch of a book titled Travellers in the Great Steppe: From the Papal Envoys to the Russian Revolution by Nick Fielding to be broadcasted live from the Royal Geographical Society.

COVID-19 and the geography of disease dynamics - Professor Andy Tatem

[Online] Andy will highlight the importance of geography and integration of these new forms of dynamic spatial data in understanding disease spread, designing elimination strategies and planning for the next pandemic. 


Digimap for schools for Primary Geography

[Online] This event will focus on introducing Digimap for Schools and how it can be used across the primary curriculum. Darren Bailey from the Ordnance Survey will work through its functionality, map layers and how to use Digimap for Schools with KS1 and KS2 students.

700 miles across Bangladesh - Ian Packham

[Online] From the islands of the extreme south to Bangladesh’s northernmost point, Ian Packham uncovers the stories of one of the world’s hidden destinations.