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Monday night lecture

Tipping points in lakes - Professor Pete Langdon

Lake pollution has profound impacts on ecological structure, function, and overall biodiversity. How and why do lakes tip into polluted states, and how easily can they recover?

Children's lecture

Children's lecture: if the world were 100 people

Join us for the Society’s annual Children’s lecture.

Monday night lecture

Are countries meeting their climate promises?

The first global stocktake of the UN’s critical Paris deal concludes at COP28 in December. Join our expert panel to mark the international community’s climate homework.

Open to all

SILA: exploring Inuit culture and sustainability

The artists Susie Hamilton, Naja Abelsen and Eleanor Havsteen-Franklin discuss their exhibition which explores Inuit culture, environmental concerns, and the Arctic expeditions undertaken by their forefathers in Greenland.

Monday night lecture

Saving heritage in conflict zones: what can geographers do?

Heritage destruction in active conflict zones has increasingly gained global attention, particularly since the rise of social media, portable and widely accessible means of recording and distributing imagery and the very public targeting of high-profile sites such as the Buddhas of Bamiyan and the Temple of Bell in Palmyra.


Our fragile relationship with life on Earth

Extinction documents over 130 species of extinct and threatened animals and plants to generate an overview of the accelerating loss of biodiversity.

Monday night lecture

Wounded Tigris: a river journey through the cradle of civilisation - Leon McCarron

A source-to-sea journey along the Tigris, through the birthplace of civilisation in Turkey, Syria and Iraq, investigating the environmental and geopolitical challenges that threaten the future of this once-great river.


Facing the difficult truths of the climate emergency: apocalyptic disaster or transformational moment in history? - Dr Caroline Hickman

Apocalyptic disaster or transformational moment in history? Conversations about climate change bring us face to face with feelings of vulnerability and uncertainty but are also essential if we are to develop the emotional resilience that humanity needs to face this uncertain future.

Monday night lecture

Navigating the Great Spine of Africa - Dr Rutledge Stephen Boyes

The Great Spine of Africa expeditions work with community members and multidisciplinary teams to traverse thousands of kilometres of rivers never scientifically documented. Part of the Explore festival.


The United Nations High Seas Treaty - Dr Simon Walmsley

Dr Simon Walmsley, Marine Chief Adviser at WWF-UK, will discuss the United Nations High Seas Treaty.

Monday night lecture

A wild future: how do we secure genuinely exciting wilderness expeditions for young people - Honor Wilson-Fletcher MBE

How do we responsibly ensure that young people have fairer access to the transformative impact of expeditions with purpose? Part of the Explore festival.

Monday night lecture

Touring Britain in the 1950s: the adventures of postcolonial Indian travellers - Professor Uma Kothari

This story of the adventures of two Indian travellers on a road trip round Britain in 1955 reveals how their touristic desires and itineraries were influenced by, and challenged, colonialism.