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This training webinar follows a session that introduced the Ethnic Group Deprivation Index (EGDI). 

This second session first provides a brief overview of the Ethnic Group Deprivation Index (EGDI) including a description of its creation and demonstration of how the data can be used to understand ethnic inequalities in local areas (Lower Layer Super Output Areas) across England and Wales. The rest of the session is a hands-on training webinar.

Delegates will be provided in advance with a training version of the EGDI data and will be able to follow a step-by-step practical during the session. Only limited experience in data analysis is required; some approaches to analysing the data are outlined using spreadsheet software. The session goes on to show how the free Geographical Information System (GIS) package QGIS can be used to link the EGDI to area data (LSOAs) and map deprivation scores by ethnic group. 

The outputs from this part of the practical will include a profile of ethnic inequalities in a study area of your choice including mapped deprivation scores.

At the end of the session, attendees will have a well-developed idea of the characteristics of the EGDI and how it can be used to identify ethnic inequalities for targeted interventions. 

Speakers - Professor Chris Lloyd and Professor Gemma Catney (Queen's University Belfast)

The EGDI was developed as part of the Economic and Social Research Council funded project Geographies of Ethnic Diversity and Inequalities. For more information about the EGDI, read this open access article published in The Geographical Journal.

Access the EGDI toolkit and practical resources here.

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This event is recognised by the Society as being suitable professional development for Chartered Geographer and may also be suitable for other professional accreditations.