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Land referencing is the practice of identifying and classifying anyone affected by development across sectors such as transport, water, energy and regeneration schemes. Land referencing plays a vital part in these schemes across the UK and Ireland, which in turn results in physical changes to our geography and terrain. Without land referencing, these developments cannot happen.

This webinar, co-hosted by the RGS and the Society of Land Referencers, will introduce and explain the profession of Land Referencing, the processes involved within it, its significance to planning and development and how this relates to those with an interest in geography. The webinar will be chaired by Alex Crow and Sarah Joss, two experienced professionals from the world of Land Referencing who will share their knowledge and experience from project work and how the role links with other disciplines throughout a project's lifecycle. Alex and Sarah will also provide detail about the Society of Land Referencers (SoLR), what they do, how to learn more and how to join. 


Alex Crow - Director Land Referencing, Ardent

Sarah Joss- Principal Land Consultant at Mott MacDonald

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This event is recognised by the Society as being suitable professional development for Chartered Geographer and may also be suitable for other professional accreditations.