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Using the Ethnic Group Deprivation Index (EGDI) to inform decision making

The third Ethnic Group Deprivation Index (EGDI) session will outline some potential uses of the EGDI.

Medals and awards

Medals and awards celebration 2024

Our medals and awards recognise people or organisations for their outstanding contributions to geographical research, fieldwork and teaching, and public engagement. Join us as we celebrate the 2024 award recipients.


Geography in practice: biodiversity net gain, a new approach to an old problem

This webinar, led by John Cornell (Natural Environment Team Leader at Greater Cambridge Shared Planning), will examine biodiversity net gain (BNG) implementation in England, focusing on Greater Cambridge's experiences. 


Geography in practice: analysing the Ethnic Group Deprivation Index

This second session on the Ethnic Group Deprivation Index (EGDI), includes a description of its creation, a demonstration of how the data can be used to understand ethnic inequalities in local areas, and hands on training on how to use the index.

Monday night lecture

Everest24 anniversary lecture

Join us for an evening exploring the 1924 attempted ascent of Everest and the transformations in climbing today.


Precision in place-names: the problem of orthography at the Royal Geographical Society

Beth will explore how the Society tackled the question of how to spell place names in the late 19th century, highlighting the fundamental tensions between institutional authority and individual expertise.


The resilience of Canada’s First Nation communities to climate change

Annette Salles explores how in Canada Indigenous knowledge and Western research combine to inform and support culturally appropriate adaptations to future climate change.


Beavers in Dorset: Dorset Wildlife Trust's Beaver Project

In this presentation, Stephen Oliver will tell the fascinating story of how the beavers have settled into their Dorset home and explain how these unique mammals can play a vital role in river ecology and nature-based solutions to flooding, pollution and species loss.

Monday night lecture

What has been happening in Iceland?

Iceland has been in the news over the past few months because of another 'Icelandic eruption'. The one in 2010 caused travel chaos. What can we expect in the future?


Fallen: an archival exhumation

Mick Conefrey, the author of Fallen, the new biography of George Mallory, talks about researching his Everest books and documentaries at the Society, and the crucial importance of archival research.


Applying the lessons from international disaster response to domestic major incidents

An expert panel will discuss the links, similarities, and differences between local and international policies and guidelines for disaster risk management and disaster response.

Monday night lecture

Traditional remedies: herbalism and magic in 19th century Myanmar

This lecture explores how in the 19th century physical and mental illnesses were treated with herbal remedies gathered in the since decimated forests of Myanmar and with magic potions, prepared by spirit specialists.