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African Conservation Experience


In 1999, African Conservation Experience founders, Rob and Marion, were busy helping their son and several of his school friends find a way to spend their gap year helping out in a wildlife reserve in South Africa. Having been keen supporters of conservation work in South Africa for many years, they soon found one of their contacts who was happy to welcome a group of young wildlife enthusiasts in exchange for some financial support. This gave Rob and Marion an idea: perhaps they could generate a constant stream of financial and practical assistance for conservation projects in southern Africa and facilitate an amazing experience for animal lovers. And so African Conservation Experience was born.

Since that first pioneering trip, they have organised thousands more for conservation travellers of all ages from all over the world. They have formed close partnerships with a range of amazing wildlife projects and conservation professionals and are currently supporting work in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia.

While their scope has grown considerably, their focus and ethos has not changed: they are still proudly wildlife conservation specialists; continue to help sustain the natural world by supporting ethical and ecologically important initiatives; and their mission is to inspire, challenge and empower people to make a difference to wildlife conservation.

So what does the future hold for the company and our travellers? While they have helped wildlife conservationists in southern Africa reach a number of important landmarks, there are always new challenges on the horizon. They are currently a leading player in the fight against cruel practices such as lion farming and cub cuddling and are also working to find new ways of supporting wildlife conservation while giving travellers an even more rewarding and authentic experience.


African wildlife conservation projects.

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Last updated: October 2022