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Coral Cay Conservation


Coral Cay Conservation is a renowned conservation specialist and expedition provider dedicated to providing the resources to help protect coral reefs throughout the developing world and committed to creating real-time solutions to the many plights suffered by our oceans.

They have over 30 years' experience of operating successful marine and terrestrial conservation projects, providing opportunities to budding-scientists, collectively protecting biodiversity, empowering local stakeholders and building a sustainable future. Throughout this process they have taught lifelong skills, and provided practical conservation experiences, to thousands of volunteers allowing them the opportunity to take action against environmental impacts, strengthen their CV, or undertake thesis data collection. The ocean, its inhabitants, and the local communities that depend on it, are at the centre of all of their conservation projects. They provide in-depth training to volunteers from diverse backgrounds to create efficient and competent survey divers who collect essential marine ecological data, engage with local stakeholders and drive the ethos of the projects.


Conservation volunteering projects; dive training provided.

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Last updated: September 2022