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DARWIN200 is a once in a lifetime opportunity to harness the legacy of Charles Darwin, inspire passion for nature and advance conservation efforts across the globe.

The project’s three main objectives are:

Objective 1: Train the planet’s top 200 young conservationists to empower elite environmental decision-makers to change the world of tomorrow;

Objective 2: Inspire global audiences through ‘the world’s most exciting classroom’ activities to better appreciate nature and conservation efforts and;

Objective 3: Solve real conservation problems through interactive citizen science research projects beamed live from the ship to engage audiences around the globe.

The DARWIN200 project centres on the 2023-2025 Global Voyage, re-tracing Charles Darwin’s famous journey on HMS Beagle. To achieve these three objectives, the DARWIN200 tall ship will stop in every major port where Charles Darwin made landfall, including 50 one-week stays along the voyage itinerary.

The long-term legacy of the DARWIN200 project will be one that keeps growing through the lives and careers of participants, who will become top conservationists and environmental decision makers to change the world of tomorrow.


Join the DARWIN200 voyage and sail around the world following Charles Darwin’s journey on HMS Beagle

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Last updated: September 2022