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Newland Expeditions



Newland Expeditions is a small Norwegian polar expedition company, focused on delivering the skills and tips that we have learnt from leading adults and young people on more than 100 expeditions and fieldwork studies in the polar regions over the last 20 years - North and South Poles, Svalbard, Greenland and Iceland Icecap crossings, and winter polar training at all levels in Norway.

We provide training in the skills necessary to live and travel in ‘relative comfort’ even if the temperature drops to -40C or colder -  learn to cross country ski efficiently whilst pulling a pulk/sledge carrying everything you need, learn the basics of navigating in winter environments, understand the tips that are relevant to camping in winter polar conditions, and gain an insight into many aspects of polar planning and preparation, including communications, risk assessment, emergency procedures, permit applications and logistics.

We work with individuals and small groups (usually four to six people maximum), on a range of trip itineraries, bespoke tailor-made schedules, and logistics support and advice, especially within Norway and Svalbard. We strive to create a personal touch, and our participants often describe the 'Newland family feel' when joining our trips and expeditions.

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Specialises in polar cross country ski expeditions and training in the Arctic, sub-Arctic and Antarctic.


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