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This information is taken from:

RGS Expedition Handbook
Shane Winser (ed.) Profile Books 2004. 502pp. ISBN I 86197 0447.

Important note: This book was published in 2004 so some of the information may have changed. 


Preparing a formal Risk Assessment is a pre-requisite for any expedition and fieldwork, particularly those involving young people.

These chapters focus on the legal context to this, other aspects of expeditions in particular copyright, and on the recent UK government guidance on school visits, as well as vital information on insurance and expedition medicine.

A chapter on minimising your impact on both the environment and the people amongst whom you work reflects the Society’s commitment to encouraging responsible expeditions.

Health and safety chapters

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1. Risk assessment and crisis management, by Clive Barrow


120 KB

2. Expeditions: the legal framework, by Rupert Grey


58 KB

3. School visits: the legal and practical issues, by Vanessa Lee


129 KB

4. Insurance for expeditions, by Mark Whittingham


115 KB

5. Expedition medicine, by David Warrell


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6. Minimising environmental impact, by Nick Lewis and Paul Deegan


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