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Medical problems of environmental extremes downloads

This information is taken from:

RGS-IBG Expedition Medicine Manual
David Warrell and Sarah Anderson (ed.) Profile Books 2002. 398pp. ISBN 1 86197 434-5.

Important note: This book was published in 2002 so some of the information may now have been revised and most importantly the recommended drugs may also have changed. The latest advice can be found in the Oxford Handbook of Expedition Medicine, 2nd Edition, 2015.


Section 3: Medical problems of environmental extremes covers some of the medical issues that may be encountered while travelling in different extreme environments.

Chapters from the Medical problems of environmental extremes section of the manual can be downloaded below.


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File type



Chapter 23: Desert expeditions


130 KB

Chapter 24: Tropical forest expeditions


380 KB

Chapter 25: Polar expeditions


183 KB

Chapter 26: High altitude and mountaineering expedition


201 KB

Chapter 27: Underwater expedition


220 KB

Chapter 28: Caving expedition


120 KB

Chapter 29: Canoe, kayak and raft expedition


286 KB

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