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Projects supported

Projects we support cover a range of geographical topics, from volcano monitoring, to adaptations to climate change, to farmers' rights issues. Our grants programme has funded research undertaken in laboratories, archives and in the field in countries across all seven continents.

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Grants awarded in 2024

The following projects have been selected for funding as part of this year’s grants programme. Grants are awarded subject to projects receiving approval of risk and ethics assessments.


Frederick Soddy Postgraduate Award

Lena Easton-Calabria (School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford) From the Amazon to the Alps: Governing the Socio-Ecological Cost of Gold Production

Natalie Carter (Department of Geography, University of Cambridge) In the Margins of Protection: Narrating the Gendered Dynamics of Conservation in (Post)Conflict Uganda


Frederick Soddy Schools Award

High Ongar Primary School - Our Street

Ardnamurchan High School - Carna Hope Week

Bolder Academy - A Level Geography Fieldwork

Woodlands Primary School - River Fieldwork Study – Year 5 Pupils

Holy Family Catholic School and Sixth Form - Year 10 Fieldwork — Rivers & Urban Study

Islington Arts and Media School - Exploring Transport and Transformation on the Thames

Pedmore High School - Carding Mill Valley river study

Ferndown Middle School - Year 7 Trip to Lulworth Cove

Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy - Year 10 Geography trip


Geographical Club Award

Ella Wood (University of St Andrews) Investigating the Hydrological Significance of Rock Glaciers in the Kazakh Tien Shan

Harish Shetty (Bath University) Understanding the Spatial Dynamics of Home and Work Among Migrant Construction Workers in India


Geographical Fieldwork Grants

Zachary Scott-Paul, Samuel Reeves, Charles Wright, Valerie Devereux, Eden Kong (Durham University) Assessing coastal sewage pollution using macroalgae nitrogen isotopes

Samuel Nurney, Holly Edwards-Sloan (University of Sussex) Biogeography, ‘ecological forensics’ and implementation of the ‘Rights of Nature’

Sebastian Rumfitt, Montague Pierce Jones (University of Oxford), Solange Sabelle (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile) Pumas in Patagonia: Investigating the Effects of Ecotourists on Health

Eleanor Mullier, Abby Lambert, Jane Williamson (University of Bristol) Biogeochemical explorations of the Watson meltwater river in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland

Joseph Thomas, Catherine Clarke, Madeleine Graham, Joseph McGrattan, Holly Muntus, Isaac Benfield (Newcastle University) Newcastle University Kangerlussuaq 2024


Henrietta Hutton Research Grant

Kendall Jefferys (University of Oxford) The role of functional traits and vegetation cover in structuring plantpollinator networks in the Brazilian Cerrado

Pasha Taylor (University of Cambridge) ‘Our National Park’- Positioning the Local Community in a National Movement, Observations from Cahuita, Costa Rica


Innovative Teaching Grant

Professor Nina Laurie (University of St Andrews), Ana Haustein (Markham College) Valuing the Peruvian Amazon: indigenous knowledge and scientific exploration past and present

David Anderson (Eton College), Dr Shane McGuinness (University College Dublin) Discovering Wetlands

Joseph Boyle (University of Oxford), Kate Hooper, Joanna Jones (Sanday Community School) Sanday's Seagrass and SDGs: co-design from beach to classroom


Monica Cole Research Grant

Jennifer Snell (Newcastle University) The response and recovery of the glacier, proglacial lakes, and river system at Skeiðarárjökull, to the December 2021 jökulhlaup

Joshua Abrahams (University of Leeds) The Impact of Wind Direction Variability on Glacier Melt


Neville Shulman Challenge Award

Olivia McGregor Carbon riches in the Rupununi?


Postgraduate Research Awards

Xiaowen Zhan (University of Manchester) The environmental justice implications of nature-based solutions: a case study of Sponge City program in two Chinese cities

Anthony Jones (Durham University) Quantifying the hydrological implications of engineered log jams on large-scale reaches using controlled flow

Benjamin Graves (King's College London) Assessing the meltwater runoff of the Khumbu Glacier, Nepal, through stable isotope analysis

Konstantinos Alexopoulos (Scott Polar Research Institute) Quantifying snow change and its effects to water availability in the warming Greek mountains

Zhiqiang Zheng (The University of Manchester) Rural Transformations Within Infrastructure Corridors On The Edge of The Tropical Jungle: Livelihoods, Natural Resources, And Sustainability In Northern Laos

Stella Chiemela (University of York) Analysis of Linkages between Environmental Change, Conflict and Food Insecurity in Nigeria

Shadma Ahmed (University of Bristol) Studying Indian Muslim Women Activism: An Exploration of Gendered Religious Resistance in Contemporary Indi

Ziqiu Ren (University of Manchester) Filming Everyday Spatiotemporal Patterns: Food Markets as Infrastructural Nodes in Chinese Urban Context

Anu Jogesh (London School of Economics) “Values at Risk”: Examining climate-related financial risks and community vulnerability in India

Lucas Sebastián Worsdell (Coventry University) Co-innovation for Caribbean Agroecological Transitions (CiCAT)

Nina Djukanović (University of Oxford) “Green are Fields, Not Mines:” The Case of Lithium Mining in Serbia

Genia Hill (University of Oxford) Smallholder Perspectives of their food system activities: A key consideration for sustainable food systems transformation

Jasmin Rainero (Glasgow Caledonian University) Eliminating barriers to community energy projects in deprived communities: A just transition approach

Holly O'Donnell (University of Oxford) All that glitters is not gold: mapping the impacts of alluvial mining on mammal communities in the Peruvian Amazon and implications for  ecosystem restoration

Zoe Gough (University of Southampton) Investigating the impact of environmental change on tropical montane  bees and their pollination services

Emily Madsen (University of Oxford) Conflict amidst ecological shifts: the link between changing carnivore  communities and Human-wildlife conflict.

Benjamin Ong (University of St Andrews) (Extra)ordinary natures: Reimagining environmental education in urban Malaysia

Francisco Garcia (University College London) Food movements and the right to the city

Anuschka Erkemeij (Birkbeck, University of London) Making home at the end of the world: survival strategies within  home-making practices

Harish Shetty (Bath University) Understanding the Spatial Dynamics of Home and Work Among Migrant Construction Workers in India

Madeline Routon (University of Manchester) Making Home in the Margins: Creative Precarity and Placemaking in Barcelona

Crystal Ahiable (Royal Holloway, University of London) Measuring organic carbon inputs from fine-root production in UK wooded peatlands

Ella Wood (University of St Andrews) Investigating the Hydrological Significance of Rock Glaciers in the Kazakh Tien Shan

Ambreen Masud (Newcastle University) Integrating remote sensing with citizen science for urban flood risk analysis in Cartagena, Colombia


Ralph Brown Expedition Award

Dr Charlotte Hopkins (University of Hull) Using pelagic SBRUVs for a biogeographic exploration of Scottish elasmobranchs

Professor Niki Alsford (University of Central Lancashire) Haenyeo Voices: Harmonising Haenyeo Traditional Knowledge with Ecological Baseline Monitoring to Uncover Climate Change Impacts on Jeju Island Reefs


Ray Y Gildea Jr Award 

Dr Naomi Holmes (University of York) Building inclusivity and accessibility into your fieldwork


Small Research Grants

Dr Antonio Allegretti (Lancaster University) Truly global. Reterritorializing the Italian 'borgo' in Southern Italy

Dr Mahsa Alami Fariman (Coventry University) Undoing Open City; The Demolition of Coventry’s City Arcade and Bull Yard

Dr Ben Gowland (University of Oxford) The UK Foreign Office’s Information Research Department and the Spatial-Politics of British Cold War Neo-imperialism

Dr Catherine Oliver (Lancaster University) Narrating The Historical Geographies of Environmental Change through the Personal Archives of Birdwatchers

Dr Nathan Salvidge (University of Reading) Investigating the role of smartphone technologies and digital platforms in (re)shaping young people’s everyday livelihood mobilities in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Dr Hannah Fair (University of Oxford) Situating Pests: Impacts, Disgust, Expertise and Responsibility (SPIDER)

Dr Thomas Kelly (Queen Mary University of London) Arctic peatland C loss on long timescales and the effect of legacy on modern greenhouse gas emissions

Dr Anna Jackman (University of Reading) States of Precarity

Dr Alexander Manby (University of Oxford) Uncovering hidden histories of internationalism: co-curating and digitising the archives of Congress of World Hmong People (CWHP)

Dr Thomas Chudley (Durham University) Assessing interconnected crevasse hydrology on the Greenland Ice Sheet


Thesiger-Oman International Fellowships

Professor Dawn Chatty (University of Oxford) Mobile Pastoral Women in Oman Speak


Dr Abi Stone (University of Manchester) RiVER Routes into Vleis: Environmental Reconstruction of conditions facilitating hominin occupation in the northern Namib Sand Sea


Professor John Wainwright (Durham University) Landscapes of Transformation: The Taș Tepeler of Southeast Türkiye


Walters Kundert Fellowship

Dr William Harcourt (University of Aberdeen) Uncovering the drivers of glacier surges using geophysics & physics- informed AI