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Hong Kong Research Grant

The Society offers two research grants for students undertaking geographical research in the Greater China region.

About the Award

Annually, a grant of £2,500 is awarded to PhD students as part of the RGS-IBG Postgraduate Research Awards. The Hong Kong Research Grant was established in 2003 and is supported by the Hong Kong branch of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG).

Comparative studies are encouraged and preference is given to applicants who have not previously had an opportunity to study in the Greater China region. Applicants must be registered at a UK Higher Education Institution. Preference is given to students who do not receive full funding from a Research Council, university or comparable levels of support from other sources for fieldwork and data collection.

Deadline: 23 November


Apply now

The Hong Kong Research Grant is given through the RGS-IBG Postgraduate Research Awards scheme. All prospective grant applicants are encouraged to read our Advice and Resources pages, which include more information about the grants programme, its conditions, how to apply for a grant and what is expected if your application is successful. Please read this information carefully and send your application, or any enquiries, by email to


Previous recipients

2023: Cheng Fang (Durham University). 'Mobilising Global Financial Networks, Making the “China Concepts": Examining the Multi-scalar State Building in Chinese Companies' Oversees Listings'

2023: Jing Chu (Durham University). 'The Economic Geographies of Central Bank Digital Currencies: Money and the State in Hong Kong'

2022: Junwanguo Guo (University of Southampton). 'Industrial evolution in the context of developing countries reconsidered: A study of e-waste industrial growth paths in China'

2020: Linshu Feng (University of Cambridge). 'The control of dams on the sediment nutrient pool: A comparative study of two large rivers in SE Asia' (subject to final approval)

2019: Marine Roger (Newcastle University). 'Seismic hazard assessment of the Chelungpu fault and its surroundings since the 1999 Chi-Chi earthquake'

2018: Han Cheng (University of Cambridge). 'Producing International Development Knowledges in China: Individuals, Institutions and Ideologies'

2017: Jesper Svensson (University of Cambridge). 'Hydrologic variability and collective action: Pathways to water security in the Yellow River Basin'

2016: Calvin Chung (University College London). 'The Greening of Urban Governance in China: a case study of greenway development in the Pearl River Delta cities'

2015: Eric Chan (University of Oxford). 'Built environment, social capital and walking behaviour in transit oriented development – a case study of Shenzhen, China'

2014: Yuge Ma (University of Oxford). 'Energy Efficiency Regulation of China: looking for a balance between the contrasting goals of economic growth and low carbon transition'

2013: Runing Ye (University College London). 'Impact of rapid urbanization on individuals’ commuting trips and subjective well-being - Evidence from Xi’an, China'

2012: Haiyan Yu (University of Oxford). 'Integrated water resources management, gender mainstreaming and water security in rural villages of arid and semi-arid North-western (NW) China'

2011: Siyuan He (University of Cambridge). 'Water balance under different surface conditions in Kobresia meadow, Northern Tibet'

2010: Yijing Li (University of Cambridge). 'The Geography of Crime in China since the economic reform of 1978: a multi-scale analysis; and a case study in city Shenzhen'

2009: Yan Li (University College London). 'Eutrophication in the Three Gorges Reservoir Region of China: a catchment-based approach'

2008: Xuhui Dong (University College London). 'Defining Restoration Targets for Eutrophic Taihu Lake using Diatoms'

2007: Yun Qian (Heriot-Watt University). 'Urban and Community Regeneration in Chinese cities: with Case Studies in Beijing'

2007: Ding Jie (University of Cambridge). 'A Study of Spatially-Distributed Supply and Delivery of Sediment in the Xihanshui Basin, Gansu Province, China; and of Investment Prioritization in Sediment Control'

2006: John Gates (University of Oxford). 'Groundwater Recharge and Palaeohydrology of the Badain Jaran Region, Chinese Inner Mongolia'

2006: Jennifer Hsu (University of Cambridge). 'The Effects of Internal Labour Migration on the Relationship Between Civil Society and the Government of the People's Republic of China'

2005: Adam Young (University College London). 'Badain Jaran Desert Expedition: Studying Modern Lake Environments'

2004: Giovanni Da Col (University of Cambridge). 'Pilgrimage, Environmental Knowledge and Sources of Affliction Around Kawa Karpo, a Tibetan Sacred Mountain in Northwest Yunnan, China'

2003: Jingyi Li (Durham University). 'Regional Development of Xinjiang, Under the Intervention of Chinese Government Policy'