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Panel of speakers on stage in the Ondaatje Theatre at Explore 2022.

Explore symposium

The Society's annual flagship expedition and planning weekend.


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The Explore festival will return in 2024!
Monday 28 October - Monday 4 November 2024

Explore symposium - Friday 1 - Sunday 3 November 2024

Get ready to embark on your own expedition or fieldwork project by attending our Explore symposium over the weekend of 4 and 5 November.

Whether you're a seasoned traveller on your 21st expedition, or a student dreaming of your maiden voyage without detailed plans, the Explore symposium is the place to be inspired by an extraordinary gathering of expedition professionals, visionary scientists and intrepid travellers - all willing to share invaluable knowledge gained from their own experiences. 

Discover the secrets to successful geographical fieldwork, master the art of conservation, and uncover how to plan journeys with purpose. The weekend's workshops cover essential field research skills, how to thrive while on an expedition, and the use of writing, photography, video, and sound to communicate your discoveries and experiences.

Speakers and workshop leaders will share tales from their recent expeditions, while exhibiters and Society staff will be available to provide personalised advice and guidance on your own future field projects and expeditions.

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Who is the Explore symposium for?

Each year, the Explore symposium welcomes a diverse range of people who are eager to embark on their own original geographical research projects, both within the United Kingdom and across the globe. Whether you fall into one of the following categories, or embody a combination of them, this extraordinary gathering is you.

  1. Ambitious students, curious researchers, and inspirational teachers:
    - Undergraduates and postgraduate students, particularly those studying geography and environmental science, gearing up for fieldwork in 2024 and beyond.
    - Teachers and youth leaders who are leading young people on empowering fieldwork expeditions.
  2. Independent travellers with a purpose:
    - Adventurous souls seeking to infuse meaning into their journeys and make a positive impact through their independent travels.
  3. Supporters of exploration:
    - Logistical and financial supporters dedicated to enabling expeditions and fieldwork.
  4. Media professionals:
    - Storytellers who thrive on a challenge, immersing themselves in the most extreme environments to capture and share gripping stories with the world.
  5. Expedition healthcare professionals:
    - Medics wanting to develop their expertise in expedition medicine and global health.
  6. History enthusiasts:
    - Those intrigued by exploration's history and fascinated by the evolution of what it means to be an 'explorer' in today's world.
  7. Grant applicants:
    - Aspiring individuals eager to leverage the Society's grants to turn their ambitious projects into reality.