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Speaker Tim Jacobs stood on stage in the Ondaatje Theatre at Explore 2022.

Explore 2022

Experience the magic of the 2022 Explore symposium all over again with exclusive access to the event recordings, reserved for Members of the Society.

EXPLORE 2022 was held over the weekend of 5 and 6 November. The majority of attendees came to the Society in London, but plenary sessions (held in the Ondaatje Theatre) were also live streamed for people participating online.

Transport yourself back to the captivating presentations, thought-provoking discussions, and memorable moments that defined the symposium. Take this opportunity to reconnect with the spirit of exploration from the comfort of your own screen, as we journey back to the unforgettable experiences of the 2022 Explore symposium.


Saturday 5 November (10.00am - 5.30pm)

10.00am Welcome from Society's Director | Joe Smith

10.10am Opening address: Explore what matters | Scotty Johnson

10.35am Sampling for plastics in the Galapagos | Georgie Savage and Katie Deakin

10.50am Congo Peatlands project | Joe Langley 

11.05am Q&A

11.15am Coffee break

11.45am Strategy: making it happen | Garth Miller

12.00pm Planning an expedition | Lucy Shepherd

12.15pm How to submit a successful grant application | Julian Martin

12.30pm Never too early to start: Cadets to Costa Rica | introduced by Nick Kurth

12.45pm Q&A

1.00pm Lunch break, networking, and advice desk

2.00pm Is your adventure climate positive? | Chris Woodfield

2.15pm Exploring Space | Myles Harris

2.30pm Medical preparations | Elly Trobe and Jason Gibbs

2.45pm Vehicle safety | Martin Gregory

3.00pm Introduction to workshops (followed by tea break)

3.30pm-4.30pm Expedition logistics workshops (please select one):

  • Mountain and trekking expeditions | Chaired by Will Close-Ash
    Panel: Ian McClelland, Garth Miller, Shona Main, Iona Pawson, Freshta Ibrahimi

  • Polar and arctic environments | Chaired by Helen Turton
    Panel: Kate Retallick, Claire Grogan, Martin Hartley

  • Tropical forest expeditions | Chaired by James Dyer
    Panel: Holly O’Donnell, Scott Pallet, Lucy Shepherd, Susannah Cass

  • Oceans and marine projects | Chaired by Oliver Beardon
    Panel: Katie Deakin, Georgina Savage, Alex McMaster

  • Travels with purpose | Chaired by Scotty Johnson
    Panel: Christy Hehir, Spike Reid, Chris Woodfield

  • Challenging road trips | chaired by Chris Lawton
    Panel: Chris Walker, Martin Gregory, Jason Wragg

4.45pm Feedback from workshops | Ask the experts | Pitch your plans

5.30pm Explorers bar


Sunday 6 November (9.30am - 4.45pm)

9.30am Why fieldwork Matters | Niall McCann

9.45am What is the buzz around climate change | Aoife Cantwell-Jones, Suzannah Egleston

10.00am Resilience in polar expeditioners | Paul Burgum

10.15am Designing a successful field research programme | Mark Mulligan

10.30am How will your next adventure contribute to nature conservation? | Thom Starnes

10.45am Anthroposea: the human ocean: a film | Michelle Sanders

11.00am Break

11.30am-12.45pm Field research workshops (please select one):

  • Human and social sciences | Carl Cater, Sarah McArthur, Michelle Sanders

  • Biological and natural sciences | James Borrell, Joshua Powell, Holly O’Donnell, Thom Starnes, Joe Langley

  • Earth and environmental sciences | Catherine Souch, Heidi Sevestre, Sarah Tingey, Isla Myers-Smith

  • Field mapping, GIS and low-cost sensors | Sam Gandhi, Kate Retallick, Mark Mulligan, Andy Arnell

  • School and youth expeditions and resources | Will Close-Ash, Mike Blakey, Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop, Tim Jacob

  • Expedition and wilderness medicine | Shona Main, Claire Grogan, Scott Pallett

12.45pm Lunch 

1.00pm Advice desks

1.15pm Lunchtime workshops

  • Grant applicants | Julian Martin, Claire McNulty

  • Inclusive expeditions | Suresh Paul

2.00pm Communicating from the field | Jamie Buchan-Dunlop

2.15pm Education and outreach planning | Tim Jacob

2.30pm Artist in residence | Sarah Fortais

2.45pm Music and plants at the Eden Project | Alice Boyd

3.00pm Break

3.15pm-4.15pm Discussion panel: Communicating your discoveries: sharing work, inspiring action | chaired by Joe Smith

Panel members: Matt Pycroft, Alice Boyd, Martin Hartley, Sarah Fortais

  • Film and video: visual storytelling

  • Getting published

  • Sound recording for radio and podcasts

  • Social media and photography

  • Creative projects: art, exhibitions, and participation

4.30pm Q&A 

4.45pm Closing address: your priorities tomorrow | Niall McCann