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Saturday 2 November

Get ready to embark on your own remarkable journey armed with knowledge, inspiration, and the tools to turn your dreams of exploration into reality.

Doors open 9.00am for 10.00am start. 

Refreshments, including lunch, will be provided throughout the weekend. 

Morning sessions

Start your weekend with a morning of riveting plenary lectures, designed to ignite your passion for fieldwork and exploration. Join us as we gather renowned experts and seasoned expeditioners to share their insights, experiences, and invaluable tips on preparing for expeditions.

Afternoon sessions

After a morning brimming with inspiration and insights, our afternoon sessions delve deeper into the essential pillars of successful fieldwork.

Engage with local communities

Learn the art of meaningful community engagement as we explore the importance of building relationships with local populations. Discover strategies for respectful collaboration, cultural sensitivity, and effective communication that will enrich your expedition experience and foster positive impacts on the communities you encounter.


Embark on the fundraising journey armed with the knowledge and strategies needed to secure the financial support essential for your expedition. From crafting compelling grant proposals to leveraging crowdfunding platforms and cultivating donor relationships, our experts will guide you through the ins and outs of fundraising, empowering you to turn your vision into a funded reality.

Expedition grants

Our grants programme develops new knowledge and advances geographical science by supporting geographical research in the UK and overseas. Fieldwork and expeditions are at the core of the Society's grants programme. Our independent travel grants support challenging and inspiring geographical journeys and expeditions all over the world.

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Managing safety in the field 

Safety is paramount on your expedition, during the afternoon we will equip you with the tools and know-how to mitigate risks and ensure the well-being of yourself and your team. Learn essential safety protocols, emergency preparedness strategies, and risk management techniques that will enable you to navigate challenging environments with confidence and peace of mind.

Logistics and safety workshops

Dive into the intricacies of expedition planning with our comprehensive workshops. Pick one to navigate logistics hurdles, mitigate risks, and ensure the safety of your team in challenging environments.

  • Mountaineering and trekking

    This workshop equips you with essential mountaineering skills and trekking tactics to summit peaks and traverse rugged terrains safely.

  • Polar and Arctic environments

    From polar bears to auroras, our workshop delves into the unique challenges and strategies for exploration in cold landscapes.

  • Tropical forest expeditions

    Discover the secrets of tropical forests and equip yourself with the tools and knowledge necessary for successful exploration in these vibrant ecosystems.

  • Coastal and marine projects

    Learn about marine life, coastal ecosystems, and effective methodologies for conducting research and exploration along coastlines and beneath the waves.

  • Desert and savannah expeditions

    Our workshop unveils the secrets to thriving in arid landscapes, from water management to navigation techniques.

  • Challenging road trips

    Learn the art of navigating rough terrains and unpredictable conditions to embark on your road trips with confidence.

Pitch your plans

Get ready to pitch your wildest dreams and most ambitious plans in our exhilarating open mic session! Whether you're planning your first expedition, a groundbreaking research project, or a bold personal challenge, take the stage and share your vision with fellow delegates. Receive feedback, forge connections, and start turning your plans into a reality. 

Film screening

Immerse yourself in a film from a recent expedition, view the awe-inspiring landscapes, heart-pounding challenges, and unforgettable moments captured on film on the big screen in our beautiful Ondaatje Theatre.

Explorers' bar

To end the day, continue the conversations in our Explorers' bar in our historic Map Room, where you can unwind, mingle with fellow delegates, and share tales of your own expeditions over drinks.


And if you're feeling peckish, join us for an optional dinner at Wagamama, High Street Kensington, where you can fuel up with delicious fare and continue the conversation with newfound friends.