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Duncan Milligan has driven over 150,000 kms overland across much of the globe. He has played chicken with local truck and bus drivers throughout South America, Africa, India, China and Central Asia. He has been arrested in Bamako, propositioned by a 6'6" transvestite in Cusco and got plastered on fermented mare's milk in Kyrgyzstan.

He has been bogged up to the axles in every type of sand, sludge and excrement known to man. Not to mention breaking down (both mentally, physically, and mechanically) in all manner of deserts, mountains and jungles. All this whilst maintaining an air of impervious indifference to various members of the local constabulary and border officials.

The end result is a pretty good idea of the challenges involved in driving on roads that don’t begin with A, B or M.

His now runs Tour de Force, specializing in high end driving adventures, including 4x4 trips in Africa and the Middle East. He is just back from a recce to Limpopo and Mozambique for a new trip in 2024.