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Benefits of professional accreditation

Professional accreditation recognises and demonstrates your competence, experience and professionalism to colleagues, clients and the public.

As a well-respected scheme, and the first of its kind in terms of breadth of appeal, there are many benefits associated with the achievement of Chartered Geographer status.


"CGeog is a qualification that spurs you on to improve your own professional development, and maintain curiosity about the subject. Teachers should also be learners, and CGeog provides a framework for that process, as well as recognition when it is achieved." 

Alan Parkinson, CGeog (Teacher)


"Personally, it is recognition of many years learning, experience and work. For those without a formal qualification, it is proof to ourselves and others that our skills and knowledge are judged to be of a professional standard and are maintained through our career. Professionally, I believe it gives me standing amongst my peers and shows that the council is supportive of CPD."

Shona Frost, CGeog (GIS)


Benefits for those accredited

  • Recognition: CGeog accreditation proves to employers, clients and the public that you demonstrate competence, experience and professionalism in geographical knowledge, understanding and skills. It enhances your career profile and can assist in advancing your career as it demonstrates significant personal development and a commitment to ongoing development.

  • Personal development: the accreditation provides support to structure your own personal development and learning, keeps you abreast of developments within the discipline, and provides opportunities for networking.

  • Fellowship (FRGS) of a prestigious learned society: enjoy a rich variety of lectures and events; take advantage of a vast array of resources - publications, journals, books, online resources, archives and maps; attend special networking events; support and contribute to the future of geography.

  • Networking: Chartered Geographers (CGeogs) meet at least once a year at the Society for a networking reception. We encourage CGeogs to network with each other wherever possible. Rooms are available at the Society for any CGeog event.


"From a personal point of view, Chartered Geographer status is proud recognition of years of academic and professional work and the commitment that I made to the discipline a decade ago. From a professional perspective, Chartered Geographer status becomes a signal to clients and employers that I have both academic and professional experience, people who are happy to recommend me, a commitment to furthering my skills and accreditation from a learned society."

Jake Sales, CGeog (GIS)


"Going through the CGeog process is a very beneficial experience. It allows you to reflect on the work that you have done and are doing, and allows you to think about where you want to develop next. It is an excellent CPD activity in its own right!"

Jonathan Powell, CGeog (Teacher)


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Benefits for employers

"Chartership provides a great framework for geographers to work towards and guide their continual professional development as well as giving them access to a wider community of professional geographers across the country and the world.”

David Wood, Head of Government Geography Profession


The benefits of accreditation is not just for the individual.  As an employer, encouraging your employees to achieve Chartered Geographer (CGeog) status is not just beneficial for them, but also for you and your business. 

  • It allows you to profile the professional standing of your employees, with their competence, experience and professionalism independently recognised through an international, professional accreditation.  This can support bidding for projects and where the individual is not known by the audience.

  • Supporting your staff to become Chartered Geographers demonstrates to clients, stakeholders and the public that you value professional experience and long-term development. It also shows you are employing staff who uphold the highest standards of professional practice.

  • Employees who are aiming for or who are Chartered are required to undertake continuing professional development (CPD) to demonstrate how they are keeping up to date with industry trends and best practice. Being part of a scheme like CGeog gives your staff access to a range of external geography specific CPD, complementing what your organisation can deliver. It also provides independent certification of internal and external CPD.

  • Chartered status provides a structured development journey helping geography professionals learn and achieve and thus grow in their professional competence.  It offers up a professional network as well as external development opportunities and platforms for thought leadership, e.g.  conference speaking, engaging across sectors and  investing time in development.

  • Chartership is good for staff motivation and retention. It’s widely recognised that employee satisfaction increases when their employer invests in their learning, development, and career progression, and supporting Chartered Geographers does just that.


"Today’s information-based economies rely on robust and accurate links to spatial data across multi-disciplinary specialisms. Clients and the communities they service who rely on this data are reassured that those processing this data are suitably qualified professionals. Chartered Geographer status provides this independent reassurance, placing spatial data specialists alongside the other recognized professionals, reflecting well on both those who have these qualifications and on the organizations that employ them.” 

Ashley Parry-Jones, Director WSP, Chair of the Professional Advisory Group


We can deliver presentations for organisations interested in sharing these benefits with employees. Contact for more details.