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Chartered Geographer post-nominals explained

Geographers work across a wide range of sub-disciplines. Applicants can select to apply as a Chartered Geographer (CGeog) or may choose to apply to one of the six approved post-nominals to signal a sub-disciplinary specialism:

  • CGeog (Econ)

  • CGeog (Geomorph)

  • CGeog (GIS)

  • CGeog (GI)

  • CGeog (EO)
  • CGeog (Teacher)

The adoption of a post-nominal is entirely optional.

All Chartered Geographer applications require you to demonstrate a depth of expertise, experience, and professional engagement in the field you have chosen. Expert sub-disciplinary assessors will review your application.

To apply for a particular sub-disciplinary post-nominal, your professional experience will need to be based around that specialism.


Specialisms explained:

  • CGeog (Econ): for individuals working in roles involving economic development or analysing the socio-economic impacts of projects.

  • CGeog (Geomorph): for individuals specialising in geomorphology such as hydrologists, river restoration specialists, or fluvial geomorphologists.

  • CGeog (GIS): for individuals using GIS in their roles such as GIS consultants, land surveyors, or geospatial specialists.

  • CGeog (GI) for individuals using data analysis, GIS, or geospatial skills in their role.

  • CGeog (EO): for individuals specialising in Earth Observation such as remote sensing consultants or environmental consultants.
  • CGeog (Teacher): for individuals who have successfully completed a teacher-training year within the qualifying period. Suitable for teachers of geography, however individuals do not have to be a teacher of geographer alone, for example they may teach a mix of geography and humanities.